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  1. Wendy

    tv appearances

    Oh darn it, now you've given me yet another reason to go out and get the DVDs!!! I seriously didn't know that!!
  2. I've just bought Season 2 off ebay ... slightly cheaper (hehe ok I saved 0.99p!!!) and now can't wait for it to come. Will be ordering Season 1 asap!!! (now to just purchase that multi region dvd player!!) In the meantime I'll just have to put up with the VHS copies I have of the whole seven seasons :D Mac is brilliant :D
  3. Wendy

    To CAT_B

    Oooh I live just opposite the water to Southend and saw the Red Arrows fly over this afternoon ... and thought of you guys!! Hope you had a good time
  4. Oooh thanks for the pics, brilliant. I know its getting late, but it took some studying to find the *spoiler* Mmm some of the "group shots" dont just look airbrushed but a lil photoshopped too ... not sure I like what they've done with Weir's make-up either!! But gorgeous pics .... and yeah with Ronan Dex - so Tyr from Andromeda
  5. Wendy

    Magazine alert(s)

    Might just have to get that tomorrow then. What's on the cover, so I know what im looking for!?
  6. Wendy


    Gary Jones!!! He's a legend!!!
  7. Definitely some more of the "recurring cast" members. I've heard Gary Jones is an absolute scream!
  8. Oooh yeah definitely Peter DeLuise ... could you imagine how slowly his queue would be going down as he played to all the fans!!! Yep definitely anyone from SG/SGA
  9. All appearing this summer at the Official Red Dwarf Fan Club convention (not Craig unfortunately though!! ) Great fun is had by all
  10. Wendy


    Oooh a slip of the tongue there huh? Reminds me of my "working on Corin" line that I shouted across the MK Centre!!!!
  11. How much of a hunch is that? It would be absolutely awesome if they did!!!
  12. Definitely Corin again!!! Maybe then I can string two words together!!!!
  13. Wendy

    Showmasters SGC!

    Well will filming be over by then? What's the chances of any of them getting here (sorry my calendar for filming has gone completely from my mind!!!)
  14. Yeah I was really gutted when Amanda had to cancel (but like, totally understandable reason!) that would've been my first Collectormania too!!! Any of the Stargate cast, or reoccuring supporting cast would be great. And if they don't make it to LFCC3, maybe some Stargate Atlantis too!!
  15. Wendy


    Ah, I have since been over to your lovely OJB site (it wasnt letting me have access before I wrote that post!!) and I now see that he is a true honourary member, well he has to be doesnt he? The only reason I mentioned it was that another site I belong to awards little engraves plaques to the SG cast as honourary members of the site and then the pics go online .... it could be a great "homepage" picture Sorry, Im in suggestion overload tonight!!!!
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