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  1. You mean the girl at the photo session area controlling crowds? Why would it not be the right person? She is short, with dark hair and her name badge said "Theresa" The original post was just me saying she was very pretty. Am only asking cause i am she. Therefore thank u for the compliment. -x-
  2. Having not seen the original post im some what confused, all i have to say is are you sure your talking about the right person? -x-
  3. This sounds like a good idea. I should hopefully be crewing LFCC and C14 otherwise i'd join you. I did a Mulan costume a couple years ago for my summer ball and still have it, even had a little toy Mushu too . If i get a day off crewing or if you do it for the party then i may join in . Look forward to seeing everyones costumes. -x-
  4. Bit unrelated sorry. Just wanted to say Hope you had a Happy Birthday hun!!! *hugs* If you need me to help with anything for LFCC or anything else let me know; was fab crewing with you at c13, hopefully get to work with you at cosplay again. Tess -x-
  5. Shepseskaf

    C13 Pics

    Love the pictures Giles! Thankfully only one of me in there lol. Hope you don't mind me nabbing it I must invest in a better camera and get lots of decent pics next time.
  6. Tawny was indeed wonderful. She was very lovely, and getting the chance to be her guest assistant was great, thanks showmasters Hopefully we wil see her again as she said she enjoyed this weekend and being her first event it hasn't put her off doing more lol, infact quite the opposite. Yey!
  7. Hey! I shall be there with Sah and the gang (9 of us i think). Not sure what time though. If you want to email me feel free, its in my sig at the bottom, the kitty... one. Then i can give you my mobile number. If your on facebook you can look me up, have some pics on there so you know what i/we look like. I shall be getting there on the Thurs, and will be around the event on Fri. -x-
  8. Thanks for the info. I had a look on the National Express website and used the postcode from there for a map. Google Map Point A is John Lewis carpark end as listed on centre:mk website. Point B is postcode from N Ex site for new stop. Not too far from the one Beatrixkiddo88's map. So i guess its somewhere on that road lol. Hope it helps, and hope it works, as internet died while trying to post this, so went with link instead of pic.
  9. All Of SM lol Is that the same for Paul McGillion then I'd be soooo happy to be put with him. Would also be handy considering im not crewing the Friday and he's no longer coming on the Friday. Means only person i can see that day is Connor. (I guess John, James and Eve are out of the question lol ) I am crewing Sat, Sun, and Mon all day. Lookin forward to it. Thanks for letting me crew again. See you all there
  10. Very jealous! I really want to go! Damn you Christa you're everywhere lol Enjoy it i'm sure it'll be great. Can't wait to see your pics. Give Matt a hug for me or better yet steal him away and bring him to mk lol -x-
  11. My voting was based mostly on early Stargate. Voted for: 1. Amanda Tapping, with Ben Browder second as i love Farscape too. 2. Alexis Cruz, as he was in the film too, with JR Bourne in second. 3. Colin Cunningham, because ive been wanting to meet him for ages! Would also like Claudia and Lexa for their other work too. I haven't met Gary Jones yet so he'd be good too. Corin hasn't been back in a while so maybe it's time. RDA we can only wish for. On the Atlantis side of things, any of the main cast would be great! Torri, Joe, David H, and David N. Ben Browder and Joe Flanigan together and I'd be very happy, and i guess im not the only one.
  12. D.N. Angel is my favourite. Other recommendations are: Series: Bleach Naruto Inuyasha Shakugan no Shana Tsubasa Chronicles Fate Stay Night Full Metal Alchemsit Ghost in the Shell Sola Cowboy Beepbop Orange Road Films: Parpika Nausicca Howl's Moving Castle Spirited Away Kiki's Delivery Service Princess Monoke Tales from Earthsea They are of various tastes and were recommended to me so im making my way through them at the moment. There should be enough there to last you a while so enjoy
  13. Ray Park for me too 4/5 times now. He was one of the first guests i met and crewed with at my first event so have always seen him everytime hes come back. Completely agree with freshjim's comments, Ray's one of the nicest guests i've met, and i will see him again next time his back cause ive got a lovely xmen pic i want signed n still havent got a star wars one from him, as when ive seen him ive got his other stuff first. either see him at sm event or one of his martial arts shows/events.
  14. For the south west area I vote Bournemouth. Event can be at either the BIC, large hotels, or the Pavillion. Plenty of hotels, travel lodge, and premier inn. Buses, trains, and planes to get too it. Tower Park, cinemas, beach/seafront, and lots of stuff in town for those wanting entertainment or something to do before and after event. Just an idea
  15. *jumps up and down and waves hands hysterically* I definately want an event like this. CSI - ALL NCIS NUMB3RS BONES SILENT WITNESS LAW AND ORDER - ALL KILLER INSTINCT WITHOUT A TRACE SHARK and I'd like to throw Misummer Murders, Columbo and Poirot in the mix too emphasis on Carmine Giovinazzo considering he was in an episode of CSI Vegas and Columbo as well as being main in NY of course.
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