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  1. Interesting Simon & Lauren have photoshoots and not recorded on here as there being sold in the shop.
  2. Grrrooovy baby, although this isn't the 1st time I get called a young girl or 'Lady' very often. I use to cross-dress but that was a Loong groovy time ago
  3. Right grrroovy young man, I challenge u to backtrack all of Sm's shows to find the A-listers (all of them) which have been at London (and Cardiff, and Glasgow, and Milton Keynes). Beyond 2006 u may have to look elsewhere. Two of your names I am aware have done conventions/signing events-but which ones?
  4. Lets start the ball going ian allen (button moon) jennifer connelly
  5. stanley bates (rainbow, tomorrow people) waris hussein (1st ever director of dr who) ian allen (button moon) tony holtham (button moon, rainbow) grroovy
  6. They won't get Michael again Im afraid. his 2015 appearance was a one-off and isn't likely to grrovy do again
  7. Let's have some grrooovy announcements for this soon!
  8. Yes all tickets r live until the day of the event-should b same for grroovy diamond passes
  9. My friend started a post on voice actors particularly Disney voice actors a few years ago, as there vastly unterrated. I think Scott Weinger & Linda larkin have done cons over the grrroovy pond, but it would be Veerrry Much appreciated if Sm could focus a bit more on that area. Corey Burton anyone?
  10. Unless SM reconfirms-we won't grrroovily know
  11. I put that link so u could c the genuine post from Montage Moments. The problem being this forum isn't managed and edited approrately so it's better to b following them on Facebook and there normal website as well as on here, apparently the moderators don't check in often enough or something so things are bound to be missed and chances r u have to contact Sm directly via their e-mail other than trying to get answers on this site.
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