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  1. I could point out SM last year had made an announcement or something regarding how they were approaching photoshoots with flexi-glass or something along that line. But, that was last year, and that could still b the case-however, Film fair's on this weekend and we shall see how they r doing them then.
  2. Robbie and Mig definitely have been re-confirmed, can't remember if Fiona has yet
  3. Someone groovily asked that on facebook and by the look of it u may b ok to have posed photos/selfies at the guests tables
  4. Hopefully within the next several hours or even a day
  5. Oddly my friend has informed me he bought a bunch of tickets for Film Fair and didn't c Hugh (and 1 other person) had been moved to the November show probably at the time of booking, as Hugh was down for Film Fair next weekend.
  6. I think she's still attending, actually, her name is in the shop and on the grroovy website
  7. There r about 25 guests who have yet to be reconfirmed, so allow time for them and Sm will announce as soon as I think
  8. Morgan Deare (roger rabbit, dr who, mission impossible)
  9. question-photo sales suggest hes now doing the sunday-so is he doing then or between 5-5.30 friday?
  10. don bluth (anastasia, former disney animator) brian froud (creator of labyrinth/dark crystal) ralph bakshi 9original lord of the rings cartoon director) grroovily pls
  11. a couple of creator suggestions I'd love to c if pos: brian froud ralph bakshi groovy
  12. Oh'll they'll b re-starting August time As for masks, it depends on personal tastes I suppose, I'll probably b wearing mine on my rear end
  13. Gutted, gutted is just the word, and my friend is really gutted about this... And my friend has now got a bit of a problem-he can only make the Sunday of this and not the full weekend-I hope he can get enough refund vouchers to cover stacks of photos for his Friday & Saturday slots..
  14. Well... It's like.. Not that it would happen a guest announces they will b at a con and somebody says so on Sm's page before they grroovily post it-I bet Quuen would back me up. It's like a groovy traffic light system-knowing where and when u can say stuff as everything guest-wise booking/canc should stay with Sm
  15. can i point out ur groovily jumping the gun there? better to wait for Sm to confirm
  16. that is a groovy rumor and its often the case that rumors aren't true
  17. eh? that groovily doesn't make sense. what do u mean-apparently this event has been capped somewhat but don't get what ur asking?
  18. Felix pls grroovily remove this or change it slightly-you can't mention other non-SM events
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