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  1. Probably for the best and thank you for letting us know well in advance. You could have easily waited and hoped it would be ok but being transparent to the community was the best thing to do in my opinion, so thank you. I echo what's been mentioned already in this thread though, unfortunately with social distancing I guess meeting the guests will be a bit less personal and I'll be giving photo ops a definite miss this year. Hopefully the autograph sessions aren't impacted too much so if I'm able to travel back from uni for the weekend then I'll still try and go. At the moment there's only really two guests I desperately want to meet so I will keep an eye out for any further announcements. If all goes ahead I reckon queueing will be a nightmare with gaps between people needed! Onwards and upwards eh! Hope everyone's safe and staying well!
  2. Brilliant, thank you so much for the recommendations ( I also thank you on behalf of my auto collection too who are desperately in need of a proper home.) I'll check out your recommended products
  3. Gutted about the potential cancelling of this years cons, but it’s for the best, the health of us and everyone is paramount. Let’s pray at least it still goes ahead! on a slightly more unrelated note, if this summer’s event does go ahead as planned, I think I’ll need to invest in some thing to store my autographs as my growing collection will need a bigger home than my current thin folder. I’m ideally looking for an anti acidic plastic sleeve album of some kind, similar to the ones the Autograph vendors use at their stalls at the event. Does anyone have any recommendations? Thank ya kindly
  4. At the moment my list is rather short. Only: - David Gyasi Would love to meet him for his superb role in Carnival Row but I'm still undecided as to whether to go or not. Anyone ever been to LFCC for just one guest?
  5. So excited to meet him! Anyone who’s met him before at LFCC, what was his queue like? I always arrive a few hours before gates open anyway but was just wondering what his VQ situation was like. will definitely have to get an Alien poster for him and Veronica!
  6. Apologies for the year long bump on this thread. I think I might be being a moron but I can't seem to the find the "Signature" tab under Edit My Profile. Has this feature been removed? (Having only been to 2018 and 2019 LFCC's my list is in it's infancy but it would be nice to put who I have met so far on.) Thank you!
  7. Wow, before I knew it I'd read the whole thing. Really enjoyed your Wround Up. Last year's was my first con ever, and I enjoyed this year just as much (especially with that experience of how things work with VQ's, photoshoots etc.) I've become a lot more active on this forum and have really enjoyed the family and community feel of LFCC. All of us sharing our individual stories and experiences from the weekend. Can't wait for 2020! For the record, I couldn't agree more with what you said about the lady in charge of Ian McDiarmid's queue. I already wrote a piece on her on the crew appreciation thread but again I have to say she was fantastic. She was walking up and down that line, in that heat, for 7+ hours. Still smiling, still being positive and being optimistic for those who arrived late and got lower VQ's. I thanked her personally on the day after I got Ian's photo but I just wish I got her name. Hopefully she's there next year, she's a wonderful crew member.
  8. Would definitely echo the "try to get autographs on quieter days" advice. Friday is generally the quietest so if you have guests you want an autograph from and they are attending on the Friday then it's definitely worth going on that day to get it. You'll have a much higher chance of meeting them on a Friday. This year I had a few guests I wanted to meet on the Saturday and with two being very popular (Billy Dee Williams and Ian McDiarmid) , I thought it best to split them over the two days to increase my chances of getting both their autographs. With Billy Dee being there on the Friday it was a no brainer. I went on the Friday purely for that, got his auto and then left after a few hours. I then attended Saturday and stayed there for the whole day and got the other guests I wanted. It all worked out perfectly. So again, the best bit of advice I would give is to attend at least the Friday or the Sunday in addition to the Saturday (I say in addition to Saturday because a lot of guests will only appear on the Saturday). Spreading your guest autos/photos out makes the weekend a lot less chaotic, not to mention greatly increasing your chances of getting everything you wish for from the event.
  9. Perhaps if I told some of my friends they'd say "ah yeah, that's cool" but the minute I tell them the price they'd think I'm crazy. But for me, it's all completely worth it. The things I buy and memories I have at LFCC are priceless, really can't put a price on it in my opinion
  10. This what I love about LFCC. This year was only my second one after 2018 but the sense of community and togetherness I've felt has been amazing. I don't tell any of my mates what I got signed/who I got photos with/what I bought from the stalls because they simply won't appreciate it or understand it. As you said, they're for me and that's all that matters.
  11. *Emperor Palpatine voice* "Good, let the smile flow through you" is needed for the lovely lady in charge of Ian McDiarmid's queue. I did personally thank her after I got the autograph but I think she deserves praise on this forum. Ian's queue was a nightmare to be honest, though through no fault of Ian's it must be said. There were SO MANY Diamond pass guests in the morning, in addition to a photoshoot and then a private signing that it looked like VQ holders might not get a look in till very very late. Unlike a lot of others, I understood that there was nothing more she could do and she was genuinely trying her best to get as many people an autograph as she could. Some were losing their temper with her which was completely unfair. First batch of VQ's opened around 3pm, and a lot us had been waiting around for 6 hours at this point, including her. And yet, she still had a bounce in her step, smiling and making it a lot more enjoyable than it would have been with a crew member who might have mentally given up. She was, to put it simply, fantastic. And of course, once I got to the front and met the legend that is Ian McDiarmid, the queuing was completely worth it, as it always is. Polite, friendly and a joy to meet.
  12. Ian McDiarmid, despite the wait time, was completely worth it and now I am the proud owner of THE Emperor's autograph! Such a polite man, always smiling. Signed two photos, one for me and one I got as a birthday present for my brother. Blake Harrison and Joe Thomas were an absolute pleasure to talk to today when getting their autographs, they gave up so much extra time for us fans. Joe especially giving interesting anecdotes and just simply chatting about a few topics was brilliant, he really went the extra mile! So humble, polite and modest from both of them, it really was heart warming. Billy Dee Williams on Friday was great too. He didn't talk too much but I didn't mind because it meant he got through lots of people. He still had his signature smile and wished me a great rest of the day. Bob Gale was a delight too. Honoured to meet the mastermind behind Back To The Future. Really enjoyed myself and arriving at 7.30am was totally worth it to get that low(ish) VQ for Ian McDiarmid!! Roll on next year eh!
  13. Thinking about it I think it was more 3.30pm. Massive thanks to the lady controlling that queue, she kept smiling all day despite the heat and people getting annoyed at her when there was nothing more she could do.
  14. I met him around 4.30pm if memory serves me right. VQ's had to wait till about 3pm till we were allowed to queue. My VQ number was 97. I don't think he was a particularly slow signer, it was just the fact that he had so many diamond passes and had a photoshoot in the middle of it in the morning as well as then a private signing early afternoon. Once VQ line was opened though it went much much quicker and 25 number batches were called out every half an hour or so. I'd agree with you too, last year I was there till about 6pm and just managed to get to my Sam Neill photoshoot in time after queuing up for and getting Lance Henriksen's auto late afternoon. I also feel this year the layout of the signing zone was a lot better too. Despite the queues being long, there was much more space to walk between desks.
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