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  1. ...and yada yada lccs yada yada lfcc yada yada Christmas and New Year and suddenly 2021.
  2. Time for bed, almost 4:30 am.
  3. To all of you my from all of me...my very warmest and best hopes for next year.
  4. Staying at Ibis Shepherds Bush again. A short walk from Olympia and close to the Tube.
  5. Sounds great. I am eager to learn something new as well. I am glad the owner of this vehicle looked after me and I have still alot to give.
  6. Now I want that name tag hovering above my name with lvl, title and professions.
  7. I dont feel like fifty, but how are you supposed to feel when you are fifty anyway. When I was thirty I could not even imagine fifty..it was so far away but suddenly you are there. The good would be not to notice any difference. I am just happy I got lccs to keep my mind on something else, something uplifting and positive.
  8. Positive and negative. Not too fond of my birthday 2020, but happy I will celebrate (delayed) at lccs. I guess trying to grasp any positive thing out of everything.
  9. The last shift at work of 2019 done, soon on my way home. Actually having mixed feelings about 2020.
  10. True, it was fun. At moments I was humming the theme from Poltergeist in my head.
  11. First of all.. the house/building was scary as it was..stone building with 6-700 years on its neck. Just that can trigger your imagination. What I understand they caught some sort of ”action”, what they called ”cold spots” but I thought the entire place was cold as it was. And may I add it was -7 outside. The only thing I heard was dragging noises, something sounding like footsteps and a door closing in a room next to the room we were in. They said that there is something there but if it is a haunting is another matter but it isnt quiet that is for sure. If I can give some advice..go to the loo before because these places usually dont have a working toilet. Now, soon on my way home and some brekkie and then a few hours of sleep. One more thing done on my bucket list.
  12. Well, wish me luck. I am going on this ghost hunting thingy this night. Will I find out if there is a life after this one? I let you know later.
  13. I hope you feel better soon. Try to rest as much as possible.
  14. I celebrated Christmas on the 24th and now again today on the 26th, visiting my family. Splitting it up makes Christmas feeling longer.
  15. Thank you! I hope you had a really merry Christmas.
  16. From me to all of you: please take care.
  17. Well, for many after 4pm today. Kind of tradition for as far as I remember.
  18. We have Christmas today, the 24th.
  19. Well, I have a hard time believing but I do love the atmosphere. And I am a history buff. It will probably be cold but for that I got useful things. I have a few fun adventures coming up in the beginning of next year, even though this is at the end of this one. One thing coming up is a 175 m trip down under ground.
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