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  1. David Duchonvy Gillian Anderson Matt Smith Peter Capaldi Jenna Coleman
  2. Would love to see some of the Stargate cast. I know Joe Flanigan and Jason Momoa are going to LFCC so hopefully you can get some of them to Collectormania
  3. Had the best time yesterday! Still can’t believe who I met.....
  4. True but this is a job. They’re getting paid to attend, it mignt not be a film/tv but it’s still a job. And it’s good PR for them. I understand that Showmasters can’t control what the guest does but surely it’s important for the guest to see fans/ show face. The guests know what they are signing up for so surely they should keep it free, there are other guests who are filming atm, e.g Peter Capaldi, but they’re still attending and how kept the days they’re attending free. I know it isn’t always possible due to stuff like re-shoots etc but it’s still a job and giving another a couple of d
  5. It’s getting beyond a joke... I know that Showmasters can’t be blamed for cancellations but as a first time goer at a con, it’s putting me off a lot. We were going a birthday gift for a family member... we’d book photos with all the BSG cast (6 photos and only 1 is attending now), we bought a photo with Val Kilmer only this afternoon to replace 2 BSG cancellations now he cancels... that’s 6 cancellations and photos lost. My dad is know left gutted and our original point of attending is gone (he’s a huge BSG fan) Showmasters ought to have tighter contracts with the guests to stop the hig
  6. I’ve contacted Transport for London as my dad is in a wheelchair and my step mum can not walk long distances. They said that the bus 10 (it stops at Kings Cross) shouldn’t be affect too much. None of the roads that it stops on are going to be shut but it may be diverted to get to them so just make sure you get it with plenty of time before doors open. We were looking at the 7:37 as our train gets in at 7:21, meant to get to Olympia at just gone 8 (round 15-20 past) without the delays.
  7. Okey dokey thank you! My Dad was a little concern because we’ve never done conventions before so wanted it to be hassle free! But it seems easy enough compared at attending a lot of other events.
  8. Thanks everyone! I emailed the assistance last year and they said to fill in the form. I filled in the form and just thought there would be a reply but you guys say no. We have a photocopy of my dads blue badge ready with the tickets so we will use that as proof!
  9. I emailed about 2-3 months ago about a Carer Pass for my mum (my Dad is disabled) and I haven’t heard anything back. Do we just arrive and let someone on the door aware that we need a carer Pass (with relevant documents)? Thank you
  10. We were going to get the bus number 10 from just outside of Kings Cross up to Olympia... do you think the bus will be effected? My dad’s is in a wheelchair and hasn’t been on a tube since been in the chair so we thought the bus would be the better option... we are getting to London at 07:21 so bus would be about 7:30-7:45?
  11. Ah ok that’s fine! We just wanted to make sure we know what to do and where to go without too much hassle. We’ll just make them wait for us if they do the same as last year. Thank you!!
  12. Hi guys, Its my first time at a con. We’re going as a family, my Dad is disabled so I’ve filled in the Extra Help form to get my Step Mum the Carer Wristband but haven’t heard anything yet. It’s been said on here that extra help people can get in slightly early with gold/diamond passes to collect the carer band, will my brother and I be able to go in early with my Dad & Step Mum too or will we have to get in the standard queue (we have general entry)? I’ve got my photos booked with Peter Capaldi in batch 3 and Pearl Mackie in batch 1 so will they be in the morning? Also my Dad h
  13. I’d love to see Jenna Coleman and anyone from the Defenders!
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