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  1. I'll preface the following with "I had a fantastic time, and the event was well run, and the staff were brilliant as always. But"... I know it can't be helped, and is the risk with this type of event...but the number of guest cancellations, and the lateness of many of those cancellations, was quite a dampener on the event this year. And it was made worse by very poor, inconsistent, and in some cases non-existent communication from Showmasters. I originally bought all of my tickets in 2020. And like many had the disappointment of postponment after postponement of LFCC due to the Covid pandemic. Obviously I don't hold Showmasters responsible for that...it was just a disappointing side-effect (no pun intended) of the pandemic. But, once the November 2021 date was announced and started to look like it was actually going to go ahead, the first of the cancellations started to come in. It was once guests started to cancel did I discover that Showmasters had changed their policy of automatic refunds for cancellations to one of issuing vouchers (and more recently 'rolling' tickets over to another event). Now, again, I don't blame Showmasters for taking that action. It is inconvenient for us...but I do understand that the pandemic has had a considerable negative impact on business...and Showmasters like many businesses needed to to take action to ensure their viability. But equally...the pandemic has impacted ALL of us...and many of us, myself included, have also suffered signifcant negative impacts on our incomes. I'm not sure Showmasters have fully taken that into consideration. But...to make the "vouchers instead of refunds" situation worse, there seems to have been a lot of confusion as to the amounts vouchers have been issued for. With no clear indication of what vouchers covered. In my case for example, I received vouchers that actually amounted to more than my original total order, which lead to a few back-and-forth emails with Showmasters to correct them, and to obtain assurance that my non-cancelled guest tickets were still valid. And...may I just say...the process for redeeming vouchers is really bad. You can ony use vouchers to purchase a SINGLE ticket, and if you don't use the entire value of that voucher for that SINGLE ticket, you'll be issued another voucher supposedly for the remaining balance. So, I can't purchase more than one ticket and use my voucher as payment or part-payment against that order...which is the proper way of doingt things. Showmasters - you really need to get that sorted! Anyway, once I got the vouchers sorted, and received confirmation that my remaining tickets were still valid I thought things were all good. But of course, more guest cancellations followed...a couple of which were less than a week before the event. And emails to Showmasters were greeted with an automatic reply stating that they were out-of-the-office preparing for LFCC. Hmmm...think about it Showmasters, is this really good customer service? So, I personally went from six guests in 2020 (two of which were diamond pass guests) down to two guests for this years event. And continued confusion over vouchers/refunds...and no method of communication with Showmasters. And I had originally purchased a Gold pass, which over the years has really diminished in value anyway, but now for me this year was looking to be a complete waste of money (just at a time when money was an important consideration). But, I had already booked hotel and train tcikets, so I was now committed to go. Because of the cancellations etc, I decided not to bother going into the event Friday. I was in London...but it seemed kind of pointless. So I went Saturday. And joined a single queue to enter the event. So, given I had purchased a Gold pass, where was the priority entry? And I thought Gold pass people were going through a different door/entrance as priority? But nope, a single queue to enter the event, and then a rather ridiculous Gold Pass lane leading to the hall once you were inside. Not exactly priority entry! Oh...and once inside, picking up my last remaining diamond pass for...Robbie Coltrane, finding out that he had become ill over-night and cancelled. Now again, I don't hold Showmasters responsible for that at all. And of course I wish Robbie well and a speedy recovery. But equally it was very very disappointing...and now I was down to just the one guest for a 3-day weekend. Yipee. Once inside the actual hall, it was plain to see the effect the pandemic has had on LFCC this year. It was soooo much smaller, and although I have no idea of the attendance numbers it "felt" like there were considerably less attendees. And one thing I did notice was that the stage area was on the lower ground, and could be overlooked without any kind of cover from the upper areas. So, you could quite happily watch "paid" for talk that you hadn't paid for. Now there weren't exactly many paid for talks this year, but I could imagine people not being happy that they'd paid for a talk when that talk was pretty much open for everyone else to watch anyway. Not to mention the complete lack of security for the poor guests (I mean, there's nothing stopping anyone throwing something...or even themselves...onto the stage/guest). Now the likelyhood of that happening is probably remote...but you only need to watch the daily news to see crazy stuff like that. Anyway, as I had only one guest to see, and get autograph from, it wasn't exactly going to be a busy day for me. But, I stayed the whole day...and as I stated at the very top of this (rather long) post, I still had a fantastic time. Despite the above. But...I do think Showmasters need to consider the points I, and others, raise in these type of posts. I can only hope they do.
  2. It wierd, but neither of the gif vouchers I received had the amount on them, neither on the email nor the downloadable PDF. I had to go to the link on their voucher guide page ==> https://giftup.app/place-order/5faf68d5-c327-449a-82aa-8c076c4bf51a?platform=Hosted (click the "Check your gift card balance" and enter your gift voucher code) to get the amount. Incidentally, and I know this is off-topic and I'm still ranting...but I had a reply to my querying why I couldn't use the gift vouchers for Destination Star Trek. The reply being that it's a Massive Events event. Ok, I get that...BUT, DST is organised "in association" with Showmasters as clearly stated on it's website. DST is promoted on the Showmasters Events own website, with no indication that it is not a Showmasters event. It has it's own section on this very Forum, again with no indication it is not a Showmasters event. And I believe it will be Showmasters people staffing it. And no-where can I find information related to the gift vouchers saying that you cannot use them against DST. Pretty poor really. So, have just asked for money-back rather than gift vouchers for the cancelled LFCC guests. At least I can use the refunded money for DST (unless they stop accepting that too). Ok....rant over...for now
  3. I have exactly the same issue. Two of the guests for LFCC, Alan Ruck and Alice Cooper, are no longer able to attend. So I have been sent gift vouchers. Both gift vouchers are for the wrong amounts (one of which appears to for the whole amount of the order...not just the cancelled portion!). I emailed shop@showmastersevents.com and have had a couple of responses; the first being a templated response asking me to look at the voucher guide link (which I had already done), and today one saying their tech people will look into the matter. Obviously I'm keen to have assurance that all my remaining tickets are still valid given I have booked hotel/train etc, and don't want the embarrassment of standing at the doors of the Olympia only to be told my tickets aren't valid. So I do hope their tech people get back soon. But, if I may rant for a little bit...I had also said in my initial email that I only discovered the issue whilst trying to redeem the vouchers to purchase tickets for Destination Star Trek. In the email I received today, I'm told that the vouchers cannot be used for Destination Star Trek. Erm...why? I was a tad annoyed that Showmasters had changed their policy of refunding cancelled guests/tickets to the customers credit card, to one of issuing Gift Vouchers instead. But, I get that the Covid pandemic has had a serious impact on business (it has on mine too!), and trying to keep the money in Showmasters bank is a valid response to that. BUT...I do expect to be able to actually use those Gift Vouchers on a Showmasters Event! Rant over.
  4. Oh....my....word! Was debating whether to go this year. This just made it a must go...no doubts...no thinking...just must go
  5. Here's a few of mine on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10211161633540660.1073741837.1352157281&type=1&l=ddcc00db03
  6. Yep...got my email couple of days ago. And says the same as Littlemisstrouble's.
  7. Here's mine on Facebook (open link, so you don't need to be logged in) https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10207590619187533.1073741834.1352157281&type=1&l=31b3761485
  8. Here are my pics on facebook: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10204055339607753.1073741831.1352157281&type=1&l=8def5da0ed ...particularly like the one with Garrett Wang in a head-lock (he's such a nice guy). Kind regards,
  9. Wow...fantastic guest. Absolutely loved her in Twin Peaks. Gonna have to get a photoshoot...I mean, I can't miss having a piccy with Audrey Horne
  10. Ok, I've had some sleep now and fully revitalised. Have uploaded some of the better photos I captured across all 3 days on my facebook page...it's public so you should be able to see them: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10203432206269809.1073741830.1352157281&type=1&l=a5c5fd3039 As I said last night, it was a fantastic weekend. I totally loved every second of it. Congratulations to Media 10 and Showmasters for organising what turned out to be a great event. And your staff are great people too...very friendly and helpful. I would say the number of visitors was much less than at DSTL, and the whole thing felt smaller somehow. Not small by any means...but small-er than DSTL. But the venue...man, that place is H-U-G-E! I've never walked along so many miles of empty corridors like that before. Definitely makes the Excel in London look small by comparison. I mentioned the no-photo thing earlier...and yeh, I understand what 1of2 says about guests requesting that no-photos be taken because after 3-days of constant flash in your eyes can make your head scream. And I know what Jumanji means when she says people were taking photos of the guests like they were animals. I was annoyed and thought it mean at the time...but I get it, and it was a minor thing anyway...so no worries Best guests for me were: Robin Curtis - she was very friendly and talked for ages with me. Alice Krige - Again, very friendly and spoke for such a long time (I almost was embarrased as I was holding up a couple of other people behind me) Marina Sirtis - Very sexy and extremely funny. Loved the talk she did with LeVar Burton - they were so funny together. Gates McFadden - was actually the first guest I got an autograph from, and rather embarrisingly didn't know about the token thing...so walked up with cash in hand. She was so understanding and asked someone to help me get it sorted. I'd met William Shatner, Brent Spiner, Dominic Keating and Connor Trinneer before so I didn't go see them...but I know from past they are equally as good guests. William can be a little stand-offish, but then think of how many years he's been doing these conventions and how many hundreds of thousands of people he's had to shake hands with. The token thing for autogrpahs - once I found out about it - was a great idea. I bought all of mine on the Friday and then just used them over the 3-days to get the autos I wanted (most were done on the Sunday). Saves the embarsement of walking up to a guest with cash in hand - always seems a bit 'dirty' to me. So the tokens were great. Was suprised no VQ ticket system. But then to be fair, I don't think they were really needed. Even Karl Urbans queues got small enough after a while for me to join. Anyway, enough of my rambling. All in all, I had a great time. So, where (and when) is the next one gonna be? Gotta start saving
  11. We'll I'm also home now and it's 1am here in the uk, so full report tomorrow after I've had some sleep. But just wanted to say what a fantastic weekend I've had...absolutely loved it. Only one complaint which I'll explain more later...but will just say now, seriously why wouldn't you allow us to take photos of guests at the autograph tables? That was just too mean! But other than that, great time and already looking forward to the next Destination, no matter where that is.
  12. Yep, got my tickets now...whew! Think I need to plant a small tree to replace the one used in printing all those tickets
  13. I'm flying from England - about 100mins Birmingham to Frankfurt.
  14. Great weekend, and without exception all the guests were fantastic. Here's a few of my pics on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10202658923938234.1073741827.1352157281&type=1&l=53f98ee63d
  15. Here's a rough (very rough ) layout. Forgot to mark the WC's...which are to the left just after entering the inner doors AND upstairs just before you enter the concourse for Photo areas A and B. I've also put on Google Drive ==> https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0Bz7QrUDbv__MSm4zbXhhR0p2dm8&usp=sharing Hope you find this useful.
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