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  1. Will there be a cut off date if we know for sure if there will or wont be a duo photo with Charlie and Martin Sheen? Keen to book the indivual photos but dont want to book and then a duo shot is announced, as there's not much time to upgrade. Thanks.
  2. Maybe the US time difference has been taken into consideration there.
  3. Sorry, it wasnt suppose to sound like that. Appreciate how it can be interpreted like that though.
  4. Er? Think you've taken it wrong. That wasnt aimed at anyone, and certainly not a rush to get an answer.
  5. Save the image on the twitter, its sharper zoomed in
  6. Mr M J Fox got a connection with Christopher Lloyd. Christopher Lloyd has a connection with C. Ricci So its MJ Fox.
  7. Samuel L Jackson. Incredibles. 2 "incredible" movies
  8. Incredible moves? Bill Paxton who was Chet in Weird Science. Thats one big incredible move.
  9. Hoping for someone different, like anyone from AHS cast who hasnt been before, or Lethal Weapon series cast, or even Banshee.
  10. I agree. Whilst some of the recent huge names are in marvel etc. films, I don't think that makes them legendary as to me most are too recent.
  11. Mr Fox is one of the 3 hopefully!!!! (I'm hoping!).
  12. How can you not like The Final Countdown? Its a classic! (Although i do understand the Whitney bit)
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