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  1. Great. Now i have no plans for sunday. And the emailadress isnt working, at least not for me.
  2. as always sebastian stan, tom hiddleston maybe clark gregg, dominic cooper, drew fuller
  3. i hope its stan or hiddles. and i will get money back soon cause stan just cancelled a con i was going to (again)
  4. now that i booked a con with stan i would be fine with just hiddleston
  5. if i can't get sebastian i take hiddles too
  6. YES please. even only one of them would be awesome.
  7. i think i ment a midcredit one. and everyone was waiting for it. of course there was one right at the end.
  8. there just was one aftercredit or is postcredit = after ? ... i am confused now
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