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  1. Guest Suggestions

    as always sebastian stan, tom hiddleston maybe clark gregg, dominic cooper, drew fuller
  2. London ComicCon Spring 2019 Guest suggestions

    as always sebastian stan, tom hiddleston
  3. Guest Suggestions

    i think jared is on tour
  4. i hope its stan or hiddles. and i will get money back soon cause stan just cancelled a con i was going to (again)
  5. Guest Suggestions

    oh i love jack
  6. Guest Suggestions

    still hoping for hiddleston
  7. Infinity War SPOILER ZONE

  8. Guest Suggestions

    now that i booked a con with stan i would be fine with just hiddleston
  9. Guest Suggestions

    if i can't get sebastian i take hiddles too
  10. Guest Suggestions

    YES please. even only one of them would be awesome.
  11. Infinity War roll call

    i think i ment a midcredit one. and everyone was waiting for it. of course there was one right at the end.
  12. Infinity War roll call

    there just was one aftercredit or is postcredit = after ? ... i am confused now
  13. Infinity War roll call

    was at a midnight screening in vienna and when there wasnt a postcredit scene the whole theatre was like 'what the f...' ?
  14. Infinity War roll call

    a good dream haha i hope for us it gets true
  15. Guest Suggestions

    thirding this haha need to meet him again. he's doing so many cons but flights to the US got so expensive