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  1. Jack, Kate , Sawyer, Jinn, Sun, Locke, Ben, Hurley, Desmond, Shannon, Boone, basically cast of Lost.
  2. I got my Sam Neill refund. Is anyone still waiting on Peter Mayhew refunds cos I am.
  3. Lol I am glad this is a thing I am always down for about a week. I flick threw my photos. I check the showmasters pages for updates on cons I am going to next. Already wondering when they will change old London to the spring one. Getting ready to get a little fix at Exeter my local one.
  4. Does anyone no where you can find a 6x9 photo album for all the photos I am getting. There does nt seem to one on the market.
  5. Thanks for your help it has put my mind at rest was always going to wait for timetable now anyway and decide I realise I will be busy lol so need to leave room to try get a autograph or two.
  6. Thank you I have about twelve on Saturday already. I am going Friday but my train does not arrive in London til eleven so was worried about booking to after eleven still want peter Weller ray park David duchovney Steven seagal maybe val kilmer.
  7. Picking your brains here. They will fit all those photos in for you. I am running at about the same and worried about booking more.
  8. Thank you I have 15 and could easily do more but I stopping.
  9. My schedule for Saturday is huge. Have you been before is there ever issue with overlapping.
  10. Love full metal jacket but just got into stranger things so double whammy hope I can fit a photo into an already busy Saturday.
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