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  1. Is there an official video of the Meat Loaf talk from Sunday please? It was absolutely brilliant and I'd love to be able to see it again. He commanded the stage and the time just flew over. Thank you x
  2. Hi maybe I'm missing something but I can't find the times for the standard Tom Baker photo ops on the schedule, just the TARDIS ones x
  3. With a Diamond pass, where the guest has the two photo sessions can you go to either? As there's nothing on the ticket to say but it's maybe on your pass when you get there then it makes planning difficult.
  4. I'm an Android phone lady so don't have Apple wallet so I downloaded my tickets from the Eventbrite App to photos that I can access off line. Worked a treat x
  5. Hi as I've now got the Eventbrite app and all my tickets are on there can I use it to show to enter the event and get the Diamond pass bits and bobs etc?
  6. Thanks guys. I just know that at some cons the actual on line purchase of photo ops stops about a week before the con and then you can only buy them when you get there xx
  7. Hi Can you tell me, when do the online photo ops close please?
  8. Thank you that's great, but can I go to any photo op session with the two? I've never done LFCC or Diamond Pass before so sorry to be a bit panicky x
  9. I have a Jason Mamoa Diamond pass for Sunday. If I buy another photo op for him for Sunday do I have to go to the session that I buy it for or can I go to any as a Diamond pass holder and have the two together ? Hope that makes sense x
  10. I'd love another in Bournemouth. Everything crossed xxx
  11. Any chance of Groot do you think at Bournemouth. I missed him last year xxx
  12. Please bring Groot to Bournemouth again Please, Please, Please xxxxx
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