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  1. That' be fantastic, would love to meet some more Carry On folks.
  2. Hmm, interesting. I get that everyone's saying MJF but that's just because this happens to coincide with the anniversary of BTTF. This is a guest SM has been trying to get for years, not just recently when they started planning the anniversary special. I really have no idea and almost certainly won't be able to afford the Diamond Pass, but hell, I'm still excited anyway!!
  3. I'd love to meet Laurence R. Harvey who played Dwight Butler in The Human Centipede 2 (and upcoming HC3). I tweeted him a few days ago about Cons and he is actually appearing at a Con in Stoke in a week or so's time, but he said "ask a convention nearer to you to book me." - so here I am, asking! :)
  4. Can anyone else hear the excited chattering of PR fans up and down the country? :) Keep the guests a'comin' SM!
  5. Sorry, I'm afraid the only way in now is to get him to change his name by deed poll to match yours ... ok, maybe not ... :)
  6. I fully opened this thread expecting to read about male under-garments!
  7. Loving the line up so far (obviously) but really hoping for a couple more Walking Dead guests. There's loads to choose from, they kill the characters off quite regularly!
  8. I can only talk for the Cardiff Con 2 weeks ago, but I thought it was brilliantly smooth and easy to use. I had the Eventbrite app on my phone, so I simply brought up the ticket on the screen, had it scanned in the queue and that was it. Sorted. Will be interesting to see if it speeds up or slows down the big LFCC in July, but so far, so good! :)
  9. Shame for anyone wanting to meet Kenny, I thought this might happen after he cancelled at Cardiff last weekend too.
  10. I did that once but put the wrong post-it on by mistake and the celeb made my pic out to 'Tin of Beans, Loaf of Bread, Pint of Milk' - won't make that mistake again!!
  11. I've always thought this was fairly standard, some people are happy to get up and down for pics (like Nathan McMullen today), some are not (maybe because of the size of their queue, maybe because they don't want to lose out on photoshoot money). I have to say, in regards to Dave Prowse today, he was very busy all day and also is not as young as he used to be so personal pics with everyone wouldn't really be possible, although the guy in front of me just asked him after he got his signed pic if he could get a photo with Dave and Dave said yes.
  12. Wow, the SR Leonard/James Marsters/Chris Cousins/Iain Glenn drop outs are a real kick in the Cardiff nuts!! Ouch! Keeping fingers tightly crossed that the 2 people I've got left with photoshoots for stay the course!
  13. Yay! I was getting a bit concerned about the lack of Dave at LFCC! Met him a few times at different cons, nice guy. Finally getting my signed pic from him at Cardiff in a few week.
  14. Damn! Well, there goes me having to go and get a Sunday ticket too! Great guest though! :)
  15. Phew, another lucky escape, I nearly bought a Sunday ticket JUST for Lalla but decided against it in the end.
  16. Exact opposite for me, auto this time as only got photo last year! :)
  17. Yep, I have gone alone to the last 2 Cardiff and London Cons, this is one of those interest that just doesn't do it for my friends and, to be honest, I quite enjoy the me time too, so it works out great!
  18. Bang and ouch, two big guests (Chris Cousins and James) cancel on the same day!
  19. Phew! I ummed and ahhed over whether to buy a photoshoot with CC as I'm a big Breaking Bad fan, but thought I'd see what it was like on the day before deciding, glad I did now. Shame for all those that have tix with him though.
  20. Sorry if someone has already said this but how about a double shoot with Zach and Frances Lee McCain? Makes sense as we have two Gremlins guests for the weekend! :)
  21. I'm pretty sure I read somewhere that Tom doesn't travel much more than about a 20 mile radius from his home, so he does some of the Cons local to him, but that's about it.
  22. Thanks. Yes, the QR code is clear on the app and *should* be perfectly readable, so that's great. I've taken a screenshot so you can see (I've blurred the QR code so it can't be used, but this gives you an idea of what the app shows):
  23. Hi Admin I asked this question somewhere else but haven't had an answer yet so was hoping perhaps someone could answer here (as it may be something a few people want to know). I have the Eventbrite app on my phone, to which I have added my e-tickets and have a separate ticket (with Q Code) for entry ticket and all my photoshoots. Will the use of this app be as acceptable as printing paper copies and bringing them along, as I'm guessing your staff will have scanners so they should work equally with scanning the paper copy as scanning the app. Thanks.
  24. That's fantastic (and I'm not a PR fan either) but I'd watch the hell out of a feature length version of that!
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