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  1. Howdy! Seems a fair few people are still have Batch 1s for sale. WIll photo tickets be available to buy on the day at the event? Thank you!
  2. Hi looking to buy two tickets for sunday... but wondering if they have to be with me or not when I go in as they may be traveling later then I will be etc and if i'm queing for anything be akward to then leave to meet them etc. Thanks
  3. Thanks for the replies everyone.... Many valid points.... and agree that with the exception of the rare 'Elitist' everyone is usually so friendly and happy! I really can't wait for this year I have truely missed it! Without going into detail there have been many personal reasons as to why I haven't been but now those 'reasons' no longer have control over me it's time to get back in the swing.... My friend has since ordered his tickets so we'll be going together but splitting up to head to our photoshoots.... I have a costume in mind if I can turn my hand to making it in time - again as i'm no longer constrained i'm also re-launching my movie props and replica's business later this year! Hope to come accross you guys so I can say hello!!
  4. Glad to see you all make the effort! I ued to help run a charity costuming group so this will be my first time the other side of the tables tbh.... being involved in the group side of things there wasn't much time to actually do much or see anyone so this year will be a welcome break!
  5. LMAO Are you male or female? :-) LMAO Male...
  6. Howdy folks! I may possibly going alone.... is anyone else going it alone? I'm looking to get Emily Kinney Photo Shoot BATCH 1 - Sat 18th July 2015 James Tolkan Photo Shoot BATCH 1 - Sat 18th July 2015 Kristian Nairn Photo Shoot BATCH 1 - Sat 18th July 2015 According to my (so called friends) I look like Hodor (the b*****ds lol) and as I make movie props and replica's i'm seriously considering going as Hodor for a laugh lol!
  7. LOL where has the 2010 LFCC section gone..? seems to have disappeared leaving 07,08 and 09 sections... Instead of being moved was it deleted? Found it lol Still in the upcoming section but way down the bottom... needs moving in here...
  8. jack sparrow

    There were several Jack Sparrows both sat and sun. Our Jack was one of the best i think lol! hehe! I'm not bias honestly!
  9. Post your photos

    Wicked photos Pez... you managed to snap so of the members of TCA = Myself as Altair, Dark Magician Girl and Cloud Ghost and Roach= Thanks for the photos!
  10. Yeah i should be there with the group... Most probs in my Altair costume but maybe bring General Grievous out!
  11. Post your photos

    Hi ya i believe i have a pic of me and the klingon slave girl (do hope im right? apologies if not.) I'm admin over at TCA and see Soomka has joined the forum may i ask which one you are in the pic?
  12. Post your photos

    Hi ya i was Altair No need to apologise its always a pleasure.... we were outside to help entertain the people queing if any and those outside cooling down! Always up for having pics taken... i was going to say i recognised you from here!! I think i've seen you at evey show i've been too! I'm just so glad my costume went down so well in its early form!!!
  13. Website problem?

    It seems the way the servers been set up it doesn't allow offsite image linking The link you have is missing the www. see here this will work now = http://www.londonfilmandcomiccon.com/index...0&Itemid=23 Its poor coding tbh also a bad link they've used.
  14. Parking

    Thank you!!!
  15. High autograph prices

    I was told to come back with a decent camera by Linda Hamilton to get a pic of me and her holding a terminator scuplt i'd made as she was so impressed with it... I did as she asked.. returned and she (surprisingly) had no one queing and staff said no... also walking past our table at the end of the day said hello to me so i suggested it to her (after all she told me to return with my good camera) and as she was taking off her hand bag ready for it i was blocked off by 2 staff members saying no move on, no posed pics etc... I was annoyed to say the least and Linda wasn't too impressed either apologising over and over.... (could have had 30 pics in the time she spent apologising) Witnessed it with other stars too... staff saying no but then the stars saying its ok and even going around the other side of the table for them etc. Its understandably hard to manage issues such as these but surely clear rules or guidlines could be in place... and then of course those voided at the stars request.