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  1. I appreciate it's at the guests discretion, just wish we could've had more of a heads up on who had decided on this, so the children could've been forewarned. As for the photoshopt option, this wasn't an option for us. As I said the children were on a very tight budget. I'm not trying to cause waves, just struggled to explain all of the above to group of 12 year olds.
  2. VERY disappointed to visit today, only to find that some of the people we wanted to meet were not willing to pose for photos (they had signs that were up from doors open). We were travelling with a group of young Sci fi fans on a budget, only to be told Darth Vader wouldn't pose with them for pictures (Several upset Terminator fans after Kristanna Loken told us the same thing). Would've appreciated this being put on the home page, surely you knew, or could've updated the site this morning. Not happy
  3. Alot of decent suggestions, but how about some exclusive comic guests? Terry Moore (Strangers in paradise), Brian Pulido (Evil Ernie) Scott Snyder (Batman new 52). I appreciate these are American guests, but that doesn't seem to be a problem with the film and television guests. It is a COMIC con after all
  4. Hi, is the BTTF event still happening? Doesn't seem to be on the home page anymore, but it is on London and several others. It's the only thing keeping me interested now Marsters has cancelled, and Terry Molloy is Sunday only
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