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  1. Does this mean more Ghostbusters guests. I'll head to LFCC for that weekend any way. Thanks showmasters
  2. Ghost busters guests. That's all. It's the 35th anniversary in 2019. Let's bring some to london
  3. Mr Rick moranis is appearing at his first comic con in USA. Only show masters have to power to get him here.
  4. As it's the 35th anniversary of ghostbusters, and we havnt had any gb guests for a while now, how about some people from the film. Annie potts. Slavitza Jovan. William Atherton. Micheal enstien. Rick Moranis. Wow. Could you imagine Rick. If any one could get him to appear, show masters could. Robin Shelby. William Bryan. Mark Bryan Wilson. Ernie hudson. To name just a few
  5. Any cast from ghostbusters. Or even gremlins.
  6. Would love to see some ghostbusters actors. Small, big. I don't mind.
  7. Well done for a great event. I think the real credit goes to.all the voluntary helpers. They do t get paid, have to deal with the shot that happens. All the main problems people had last year have seem to be dealt with. Word will get around that this was a great event. Next year will sell out with many returning.
  8. I'm hearing that Ron won't be able to make lfcc due to filming
  9. Well. I'm out. As it was london, easy to get too. Brighton. To far. Will now look at other events. Plus, now I'm thinking about summer. I have hotel booked. I'm gonna cancel that I think while I still can. Winter one was going to be the first one to have my own stall at. For a venue to say that, sounds like rubbish. Cos of the volume of people. Summer was alright with other events going on.
  10. Will there be diamond guests at the winter lfcc. Also, with many showmasters events, will any be used for them. X
  11. Jason an the team. How about bring ghostbusters people together. Bill Murray Dan aykroyd Ernie Hudson Ivan reitman Richard edlund Slavitza jovan ( gozer) Sigourney weaver William atheron (Walter peak) Annie ports (jannie) Rick moranis Robin shelby (slimer gb2) Mark Bryan wilson (slimer gb1) Bill Bryan (stay puft) Michael ensign (hotel manager) Alice Drummond (library lady) Reginald veljohnson (hotel lobby) And any one else to do with ghostbusters If any one can arrange this, it's show masters. Look how great bttf was. Ghostbusters is as good. X Sorry if I have spent names wrong
  12. How about voice actors . People from Simpson, family guy, American dad .
  13. Yeh. Thanks for Patronising comments from some of you. Next time I won't bother leaving a comment.
  14. With a diamond pass, people should have there own photo, autograph time slot. That way, there is no que jumping etc
  15. Diamond passes git you through a que quicker? For any body? Why was we not told. Like some one had said, jump que on any one? I missed a few people because I was not aware about people on other levels. They would have seen more people if they were all on one level
  16. Like above. The dates were said in the program on sale over weekend. Also, I have booked a pay on arrival place. I can cancel up till a day before and lose nothing. Same as what I did this year. When looking about, a few places are filling up already. I'm not going to get stuck
  17. Git mine from the auction desk. Always buy two. In case some one wants the other one.
  18. Well. Lfcc 2015 is over. Hot, crowed and a lot of que's. I loved it. I hot the chance to see micheal j fox, Christopher Lloyd. So, when do the tickets go on sale for next year's. I have booked hotel room already. The event is getting bigger and better. Yeh, a few problems. . But, they are being addressed. Any one else this early in booking?
  19. I missed getting an auto from some people because they were up on level 3. Any one else have this problem
  20. Am I the only one who thinks the v tickets are a waste of time. I knew many who got one but never got a autograph. Diamond pass holders should have their own time slot to get their autographs and scrap the V tickets. Meaning, if you want an auto, que like every one else. I know some one who almost missed getting an auto due to diamond pass holders and gold pass people walking in front of him.
  21. 100% it was venue staff. With people having line trouble etc, was down to them. Must say thou, there was one running the que near the underground station. Was on top form. If show masters crew was there, would have been better.
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