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  1. I got scared to death for a minute, then realised I'm OK as I am travelling from Greece.
  2. That's really tough luck :-( Hope they announce someone else that you want to meet.
  3. Guests can get added up to the last minute; there is never a guarantee that these are all the guest.
  4. IMO the 15 pounds guests will almost certainly not be on the VQ system, and the same is likely for the 20 pounds guests. So I think you will be fine. (Another factor is whether these people are frequent signers; if they aren't more people will want to see them which will make them more likely to be VQ, but I have no idea if they've signed before or not).
  5. The Prudential Ride website has an interactive map that shows the road closures: https://roadclosures.prudentialridelondon.co.uk/ You can use it to check if certain bus routes are affected.
  6. First year I attended, I had 2 photoshoots and a talk (that was all for the day) and they overlapped. Had to cancel the talk and get a refund.
  7. I've thought of cosplaying as Red Sonya, as that would be very appropriate for the temperatures inside, but it would be a problem coming on the tube with such a revealing costume!
  8. If you're likely to melt on the tube you're likely to melt inside the Olympia. It can get very hot when it is so crowded, and there's only so much air conditioning can do.
  9. You can join any time after your batch is called, so if it's say on batch 5 you can still go with batch 1. However if the photo shoot finishes and you haven't shown up you just miss it and you don't get a refund, as others have said.
  10. I thought I saw a General Lee prop photo shoot announced on Facebook a while back? Is that not on any more?
  11. If you want to get an autograph for a guest that you don't have a Diamond Pass, and if that person is on the virtual queue system, you will have to get there early in the morning (before opening time) to ensure you get a low number virtual ticket. Usually people over 25 pounds are on the virtual queue system.
  12. I just bought a photo shoot (on a PC) so it's either a device issue, or it was a temporary problem that is now solved.
  13. Booked a photo shoot! I would have preferred an autograph, but decided to go for the sure thing because last year Alan Tudyk was a Diamond guest and I wasn't able to get to him on the Friday, despite queuing at 8am. Alan was there all weekend and I was able to get his autograph later, but Aidan will only be there 1 day. So decided not to risk it. If he comes another year, I will try for an autograph then. At least now I am secure with my photo shoot. So excited! Thanks for the advice everyone!
  14. I use a binder with plastic sheets, similar to Kurdamoni.
  15. Now that Grace Park has cancelled, I may just be able to afford Aidan. I would prefer an autograph, but since he is a Diamond guest I'm afraid I may not be able to get to him in time. So maybe a photo shoot would be safer? What do you think? Any advice?
  16. That's great, you can tell him that you saw the play and how you liked it. A friend of mine is seeing him on stage on the Thursday.
  17. I think there are also vendors selling autograph holders at the venue.
  18. I decided to do a BSG cosplay this year because of the many BSG guests, and they are all cancelling!
  19. I had a very similar thought! Not for the DP, but that I am more likely to be able to afford Aidan now that Grace has cancelled (although it is sad that she did).
  20. Ooh yes! Don't know if I can afford him though; any chance of a talk?
  21. If it's a really bad clash and it's impossible to go to all photoshoots, I think you can get a refund. First year I came I had a clash between a photoshoot and a talk and I got a refund on the talk.
  22. What Raylenth said. Autograph prices are noted on the guest list for each guest; normally the same as photo prices, but sometimes there is a difference of 10 pounds between photo and autograph.
  23. Thanks for clearing that up! I thought it was a fluke that they let me in like that and that I was really lucky. Now I know for future occasions when I may want to show up late!
  24. I tend to prefer autographs, which offer a better chance to interact, but I will usually go for a photo when it's a very popular guest that I want to guarantee I will see. If you go for an autograph, if the guest is very popular you may not get to see them, but if you have purchased a photo shoot it is guaranteed unless the guest cancels. Of course I could get a guaranteed autograph if I went for a Diamond Pass, but those tend to be too expensive for me (I came close to getting one for Alyson Hannigan last year, but in the end opted for the double photoshoot with Alexis Denisof).
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