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  1. I met him at LFCC and he wasn't doing picture at the desk, but I'm guessing it's a fair bit bigger than Bournemouth so he may do
  2. Hey guys, I've never had a diamond pass before and just wanted to ask, when it comes to getting your item signed how do you go about it? Do you get a ticket and get it signed at their booth? Sorry if this has been posted somewhere else, but If it was I couldn't find it!
  3. Hey, I'm planning on getting a few posters signed and I'm hoping someone could help. I'd like to get one of them signed with bright green but I'm not sure what pen to use, I was going to use a uni posca paint pen but I've heard mixed reviews on them. has anyone got any experience using uni posca paint pens on posters / prints? If it won't be any good on a poster are there any alternative bright green pens I could use? thankyou :)
  4. Hey, this is my first convention so I'm abit clueless at the moment about how some things work. I've got a few questions if anyone can help please I know you have to pay at the desk when you get there on the day for autographs but when you finally get to the table after paying can you get two things signed or is it just the one? And also does anyone know roughly how much comic book artists / writers charge for autographs please? Sorry if these question have been asked and answered before but I was having trouble finding out. Thank you :)
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