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  1. ..that's definatley going to disappoint a lot of people. I def shall not be attending now.
  2. I don't think anyone here is looking to belittle the show, in fact from reading the posts here were are all regular visitors to Showmasters events and in some cases have been supporting their shows at MK and elsewhere since the very beginning. Showmasters have given us the chance to meet many great guests over the years. Whilst you are never going to please everybody, I think the fact so many people have posted this time shows that for whatever reason this line-up isn't of the usual quality we have come to expect and I think the general feeling is one of disappointment. I think a number of people have posted similar posts in that they really want to attend, they want the event to be a success etc, but certainly for many people who have to spend a lot of money travelling to come to an event, you really need to have at least 2/3 guests that you really want to meet to justify the expense related to it. If you have a couple of tent pole guests that you are prepared to travel to meet then whilst you are there you will pick up autos etc from some of the other guests, but these guests themselves don't necessarily justify all the expense that goes with attending a show. Over the last few weeks alone I've met some great guests at DS3 and the Winter LFCC and had a great time, but for the first time ever there is no one amongst the Film and Media guests that I want enough to justify the costs associated with getting to the event. yep, the people on here are not posting because they want the show to fail, it is quite clear to anyone that just the opposite is true. The fans here have a love for the MK show, it's one of my favourites, and it is disappointing that it appears that it's being neglected. No-one is saying that SM are "obliged" or owe us the attendees anything, but given the fact that the MK shows prior to this have had a much more diverse, fuller and at times fantastic guest list it isn't unreasonable to expect something similar. The fans have spent money on hotels, travel, booked time off work etc with that in mind, and are feeling a little let down it sounds like to me.
  3. The cosplayers add a wonderful dimension to any con and the costumes are amazing. You certainly won't be out of place no matter what happens. If I go with my 6 year old niece I'm sure she's going to be in awe of you and will no doubt ask you to pose with her for a pic if that's ok. :-)
  4. I usually agree with you on this one David, but for whatever reason I do think this guest line up is looking like one of the weakest at MK in a long time which is such a shame. Whilst I'd accept I have been going to these events for a long time, I don't think there's ever been a show at MK where we have been under 3 weeks away and there hasn't been at least 2/3 Film/Media guests I would want to meet.Yes it is upto the individual's personal taste, but the guest list does nothing to draw in a variety of fanbases, and has been said before many of the guests that are attending are really supporting/background actors. I'd take quality over quantity anyday, but I don't think this guest list gives us either at present.
  5. Yes they were, and there have been brilliant guests in subsequent years too. Somebody said we're moaning and knocking SM. I think there are just a lot of very disappointed people tbh. MK is one of those shows were because of its more relaxed nature, gives you more time to actually talk to the guests without being herded along. It's been a great experience for myself and many others in the past, so no surprise then that given the current line up the fans are hurting a little. Let's hope it improves over the coming fortnight 😊
  6. Who was there last year?The link below will give you an idea of previous MK guests..http://www.collectormania.com/previousguests/previousguests.html
  7. How strange it is that before the Summer LFCC people were discussing how crowded it would get, now we are talking about how quiet it might be. Lol! What a difference a guest list and a few months makes..
  8. I didn't attend the Winter LFCC or Autographica just before that due to so so guest lists, and this will probably be the next. Last year I went to all three and I really like the MK show, but it's another dull line up ( for me anyway) so even though it's free I doubt I'd go. Shame.
  9. And then for everybody that says that someone else would say "why didn't they just sell it as a package"...I think to be fair to Showmasters they would have looked at it from all sides and decided that it is the simplest way to just do it as it is. I think they said to do it like that was the only way they could obtain a diamond guest in the first place, basic economics I guess. At least it's a choice for us all to make.
  10. The missus and me were just saying the same thing the other day, but of course the numbers were up 25% at the Wlffcc according the SM so everything is hunky dory for them
  11. At the start of the year I'd have said it was a nailed on certainty I would be attending, but now I doubt I'd go unless the guest list improves. I've chosen not to attend the last two SM shows because of lack of interesting guests (to me personally), but i do really like the MK show and it would hurt not to go. I hope theylle some interesting announcements soon.
  12. Jurassic World released next year, could be Mr T Rex himself....:-)
  13. Yer, I was reading the other day a con in the US offered Harrison Ford their entire budget of $200k to speak for an hour and he wouldn't even consider it. All those hoping for him to be announced might be disappointed.
  14. One of the main reasons that they are only preselling tickets and not on the day is that they can only sell enough tickets that everyone can get in, so hitting capacity with people not in yet can't happen!As far as I can see no one has said what the capacity is, against the number of tickets being offered for sale.
  15. the shipping is for them to send us our tickets whitch wont happene till nearer the event. some of showmasters events (e.g. chevron) you just have an email you can print out at home to take but comic con's you get your tickets posted to you so you have to pay P&P. hope this helps.Yer and to be fair to Showmasters I don't think their shipping charges are outrageous, we all no that using the post can be expensive these days. Pity there is no system to print your tickets at home, I'd like to see that introduced in the future.
  16. Mmmm, I could never justify the cost of the gold personally. With just the early bird at this summer LFCC and a bit of self organisation I managed to get everything done inc meeting Stan Lee, Carrie, John Hurt, Summer Glau, Jenna etc etc and others too on just the Saturday. Still, if money were no object I'd probably have one :-)
  17. Just as a side note, I wonder what measures if any are in place to stop the ticket touts buying up large numbers in the online shop to sell at a handsome profit later? I saw this at the Summer Show for Stan Lee tickets. I hope Jason and the team can find a way to stop this happening.
  18. Why wouldn't you? Do people around REALLY think the event will sell out in 24h??? Come on people, stop panicking!!!!! Lol! I know, I don't know why there is such hysteria about this. I don't really understand the logic in putting the tickets on sale now anyway, why not in the new year? But I guess some people just like it sorted and out of the way.
  19. I've not been following this new ticketing thing too closely so any chance somebody can explain the reasoning to me as to why the tickets have to go on sale now? It's like buying a ticket to the cinema when you don't know what's showing?
  20. Ok thanks Count. I assumed it would be in here, cheers.
  21. Can someone point me in the direction of where the updates are? Cheers
  22. So what happened to the promised weekly updates?!!
  23. I totally agree with this. I really wanted to attend the event as like yourself I've got some great memories of past shows, but I just couldn't get enthusiastic about the guest list at all, ( probably with the exception of Carol). I've posted prior to the show that I thought the guest list lacked imagination for which I got moaned at but I think it did tbh. I too would like to see this show rebooted but it seems whenever you say anything even approaching criticism on this forum your posts are deleted and you are accused of being negative. I doubt very much Showmasters will listen but it seems that this show is on a downward spiral and I know for a fact there where many people I'm in contact with who didn't go this year because of lack of appeal on the guest front. I'm sure some had a great time but yesterdays show as but a shadow of former offerings, such a shame.
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