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  1. I appreciate London attracts more people etc but I feel Sheffield should be made more of that's all and in responce to cosplayers. Fair play that's what you enjoy and I enjoy meeting guests but I don't see a difference in charging at Sheffield and being free at milton Keynes but milton had so many more impressive guests
  2. I appreciate that the entrance price covers most of the cost of the venue but the selection of guests will always disappoint which in this year's case I feel once again feel let down. I'm paying £16 to get in then really want to meet 2 guests. Come on showmasters please listen to the people that put money in your pockets
  3. Just realised you've got to pay this year as I've always known it as a totally free event. 2 questions 1. Can you pay on the door? 2. Do you have to pay for under 2's
  4. As you can see there's a strong disappointment at the lack of line up for this event and I thought I'd reach out and ask why? Even if you replied with "we're finding it difficult to find guests" then I'd understand better and not feel so let down. Please give us the fans an explanation on why it's not as good as previous years.
  5. Just really feel let down by the line up after so many good years it's come to this minor guests and I agree I feel they've put all there eggs in one basket with the other shows even Sheffield had better guests and that's sayinsaying something ......... Come on show masters don't let us fans down
  6. Hi show masters,. I've been very good this year and my wife is allowing me to attend lol and I'm hoping for more guests as I do hope that Milton Keynes isn't being watered down to cater for the London events. Show masters are amazing and fingers crossed they perform some magic soon.
  7. What about smallville guests ? I'm sure there not busy now the show has stopped especially John scneider
  8. Any 24 guests and smallville guests and maybe the tomorrow people
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