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  1. Only gripe I had was they turned the lights in the auditorium down during sigourney weavers talk on Sunday and had to strain my eyes to see. Near the end during the Q and A she even asked for he lights to be turned up as she couldn't see who was speaking to her.
  2. Bring back some of the guest from previous cons that i didnt get the chance to meet. Charles dance Micheal biehn john bell hayley atwell jason david frank Billie piper Reeve Carney
  3. Get hayley atwell and jason david frank back for next summer. There popularity was underestimated.
  4. How bad were the ques today. People are saying on face book that they are missing photo shoots because there are still outside in the que and that is at 10 20 and doors opened at 9.
  5. Glad some people got to meet him. I wasn't there today only tomorrow so gutted I misses geoff. He wasn't even an official guest. It only came about whether he put on instagram that he was in London to meet with gary and someone commented saying he should stop buy comic con.
  6. As far as I know he's join gary frank at his table as geoff is over in London to work on volume 3 with gary.
  7. So geoff johns just said on instagram he will be siging for an hour on Friday between 6-7.
  8. Really wanted a pic with the power loader but they have put the prop shoot at the same time as Sigourney weavers talk.
  9. Just a question about photo shoots as never done one before. Both me and my brother wanted to do the Sigourney photo shoot but because of the price can only afford one. Are you allowed two pepole on the same photo or even if you do you still need to buy two photo shoot tickets or one.
  10. The artist were all along the side wall in the foyer next to the stand selling doughnuts. I nearly missed them too. Pleased I managed to get a sketch from marcus to and some comics signed.
  11. Some comic guests would be good. It is a 'comic' con after all.
  12. Some comic guests would be good. It is a 'comic' con after all.
  13. This year's line up is poor considering that showmaster said due to last year's popularity this year would be bigger and better. Still no comic artist or writers yet.
  14. Casper van dien had a photoshoot but he was still doing posed photos with everyone he signed when i was in the que.
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