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  1. Hmm cosplay will be difficult during a Newcastle winter...
  2. No problem. It wasn't well signposted. It took me a while to find.
  3. https://twitter.com/JBirdV1/status/582608966166962176?s=09 Can't upload from my phone for some reason...
  4. Thank you for these. Hopefully there will be more to come!
  5. Wow at the Robert interview. Utterly fantastic! Such a funny guy. I loved it and its such a shame I was unable to attend both days, I met some really awesome people and was able to attend all the photo ops I came for (exceptions for the dropouts which can't be helped). The only downside for me is that there were loads of pictures took of me in my Iron Man suit on the Saturday and some of them would've been really awesome to get a copy of. Sadly nobody has replied to my post with any pictures :-( if you do have any tag me @JBirdV1 on Twitter. Bring on NFCC 2016! Can't wait to be back there!
  6. PS feel free to tag me @JBirdV1
  7. Hi all! Today was a fantastic day and I know a lot of you got a lot of pictures of myself in my Iron Man suit and several other amazing outfits. I'm just wondering if we can start a twitter trend or something with all our pics. Would love to see them. I know I've had some interesting ones today that I would love a copy of! I have uploaded mine using #NewcastleComicCon Anyone care to join me?
  8. Alright, no problem! Thanks for your time guys and see you all in March!
  9. Excellent, thanks for the reply! Next question, is there a way to buy them online and collect them at the arena rather than having them posted out?
  10. Hey all, Can anyone tell me if I want to buy a photoshoot/autograph session with a guest, do I have to do it online or can I buy on the day? Thanks See you all there!
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