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  1. if its at all possible, DO NOT GO ON THE SATURDAY Saturday's one hour queues turn into Sunday's one minute queues
  2. optimistically this is a rare thread where people are understimating the guest - if its genuinely "one of the biggest ever sports names in the world" then we're looking at Pele/Maradona/Beckham level people. As much as I like them I dont think anyone could claim Ennis/Pendleton/Coe are on their level
  3. I dont believe SM book comicbook guests outside of LFACC anymore (unless thats also dropped off this year)
  4. .... and comics? will there be comicbook guests or does the blackout extend to this event?
  5. Comicbook guests.....or change the con name
  6. Comicbook guests.....or change the con name
  7. The only guest I wanted (Hannah Waddingham, Sunday only) has cancelled. The blow was softened by the announcement of Reece Noi however he is Saturday only.... Any chance I can use my Sunday tickets for Saturday entry? Cheers
  8. On the plus side it's nice to have a thread where views can be discussed in an adult manner - too often anything that isnt 100% pro-SM is deleted
  9. I'd rather avoid speculation which is why I'd like some official word on this. Imagine they announced they were banning all cosplay at a show 1-2 weeks before it happened...... or removed all film/tv guests I dont think anyone has made the conclusion that they're doing this just to annoy people - I'm sure it is down to costs (if I had to guess I'd say ticket sales and vendor takeup has been worse than they expected) However I think if you're going to make a significant change to a show you shoud give your customers the courtesy of an announcement.
  10. It's one thing to just not book/announce any comic guests but another to kick them off the show after people have bought tickets - I suspect the lack of an official response is because they know they're in the wrong
  11. I think its also fair to say that the lack of an official response to this is disappointing
  12. I think it's fair to say that UK guests generally aren't as popular as those from overseas (as they tend to appear at far more uk cons).
  13. I know SM have always taken the line that you shouldn't attend a con based on guests attending as lineup is always subject to change.... But cancelling every comicbook guest after you've had tickets on sale for a while seems wrong
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