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  1. Yeah i was wondering what time tom burkes photo and auto times are on th saturday i'll check again soon
  2. Sorry - the forum rules say you cannot talk about non-SM events on here. Thanks.
  3. would love to meet jensens ackles (supernatural) jared padalecki (supernatural) jeffery dean morgan (supernatural) mark sheppard (supernatural) misha collins (supernatural) jim beaver (supernatural) ty ollson (supernatural) matt cohen (supernatural) rob bennedict (supernatural) seb roach (supernatural) santiago cabrera (the musketeers) luke pasqulino (the musketeers) howard charles (the musketeers) aiden turner (poldark) ben mckenzie (gotham) stephen moyer (true blood) alexander skarsgard (true blood) ryan kwanten (true blood) sam trammell (true blood) joe manganiello (true blood) jeremy piven (mr selfridge) tristan gravelle (mr selfridge)
  4. would be great to meet him as he had to cancel cardiff comic con although i met ryan gage and howard charles :) santiago and luke would be great to meet :)
  5. So if I get there about 11:30am I should be ok to get my autograph tickets then
  6. Ok thanks I can get there an hour earlier bus from swansea 10:15 should get to cardiff 11:30 :-)
  7. hi i will be getting bus from swansea if i get there about 12:30 pm will i still get in i am in the disabled que with my mum :)
  8. Oh my wow... maybe you could try getting santiago cabrera would be awesome :)
  9. Got an e mail this morning say its ok for me I don't have to in the que and my is my carer so won't have to pay. I don't want to pre order my ticket just incase I cant go. The bus from swansea get to cardiff at 11:30 am
  10. Thanks its not too serious I get dizzy spells and cant stand for to long thats why my mum will be with me :-) i have sent them an e mail :)
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