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  1. I love the Milton Keynes one but it would be good f there was a Northampton one
  2. Just wondered if you would do a convention or even a collectormaina there
  3. I love both program's and would go to it
  4. I wish they did or do a convention cause I would soo be there with my daughter
  5. Keeley hawes would be good to meet
  6. Anyone from merlin, primeval , sarah Jane adventure , torchwood , doctor who , charmed , supernatrual, bones ,waterloo,buffy the vampire slayer , angel , switch ,mad dogs wizards vs aliens Some of the cast in the tv program's I've suggested would be good
  7. A convention of bones would be perfect for any bones fan
  8. I know there's a buffy the vampire slayer and angel convention but there should be one for twilight , vampire diaries , true blood teen wolf something like that
  9. I know you did a torchwood convention ages ago and I never went to it and I wondered if or when they were doing that or starting that up again
  10. I'd love it if they did a merlin one I would go to that with my daughter
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