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  1. so432

    Guest Suggestions

    In my earlier post I suggested Mick E Tarabay. It should have been Nick - my bad! Forgot to add Aiden Turner - shirt optional!!
  2. so432

    Guest Suggestions

    Tom Burke Santiago Cabrera Howard Charles Luke Pasqualino Ryan Gage Hugo Spear Marc Warren Peter Capaldi Dustin Clare Manu Bennett Steven Ameil Misha Collins Peter Mensah Liam McIntyre Mick E Tarabay Javan Smith Dan Payne
  3. so432


    On the day will we be able to purchase extra tickets with plastic or will it have to be cash? I have been caught out at a previous event with no cash and no working cash point!
  4. Would just like to thank the team for getting our Musketeer guests all together. Nice one
  5. so432

    Guest Suggestions

    Tom Burke Santiago Cabrera Anyone from Supernatural
  6. I know it is early but who is taking Tom Burke's talk slot? Any chance of it being Howard, Ryan and Alexandra? Pretty please!
  7. When Tom cancelled I decided not to attend. Changed my mind now. YEA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. so432

    Guest Cancellation - Tom Burke

    Unless Howard and/or Ryan step in to save the day that £173.50 down the drain - blast
  9. so432

    Invites to Guests

    If there is anyway to get these guys to attend that would be AWESOME. PLEEEEEEASE
  10. so432

    Plan of the day?

    I know you are going to let us know the full plan soon but can you just say if Tom Burke is going to give a talk? Thanks
  11. so432

    Hotel Code - check web link in 1st post

    Is there a reason for the delay in giving us the hotel discount code? I personnaly would feel better if I knew what the delay was and then I could stop fretting about getting my room booked. Thanks
  12. so432


    Can we have some cricket guests please. Probably can't get any of the current England team but the likes of Alec Stewart would be great.
  13. so432

    My thoughts

    Eric Close Rick Worthy Misha Collins Ron Pelman Kavan Smith Peter Firth Rachel Luttrell Russell Crowe(!!??) Esai Moralles Would need lots of notce as this line up could bankrupt me!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. so432

    Misha Collins

    Would love to meet Misha Collins please.
  15. so432

    Kavan Smith

    If they won't I'm willing!!!!!!!