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  1. viper_h

    post your photos

    Jesus, I would have loved to be the filling in an Amber and Mercedes sandwich. Mmmm. They both look gorgeous. Wish I'd have gone now, but would probably make me feel sad that I'm a single loner
  2. viper_h

    Photo Session times and days - Updated

    Gaaah I also wanted Mercedes and Amber but can only go for one day... Suck.
  3. viper_h

    New Convention for 2009

    Very hard to choose just 3 from that list. I picked Buffy/Angel for all the Buffyverse people I'd like to meet, Bones for Emily Deschanel and Terminator for Summer Glau, although I'm sure Lost would be popular.
  4. viper_h

    how much did this little weekend cost?

    Travel Card: £5.90 Entry: £5.00 David Anders: £15 Claudia Black: £20 Claudia Black Photoshoot: £20 Patrick Stewart: £25 Patrick Stewart Talk: £20 Christopher Lloyd: £25 Christopher Lloyd Photoshoot: £20 Ripoff Drinks: £3.60 McDonalds: about £6 About £165 for one day... Ughhh
  5. I quite liked the girl running the computer at the DeLorean photo exhibit
  6. viper_h

    One last time. Finalised "to meet" list?

    Christopher Lloyd Patrick Stewart Claudia Black Alexander Siddig David Anders Sendhil was gonna be on the list but I guess not now
  7. viper_h

    Atendee Pics

    That's pretty awesome of him. I heard he was a bit of a jerk?
  8. viper_h

    Atendee Pics

    Who's that old guy? Is that Mark Hamill??
  9. My friend thinks me going to these things is "cool", but I think he's just humouring me because he's my friend, because I can't convince him to come! People at work call me a geek for going, but to hell with them.
  10. viper_h

    Atendee Pics

    This is me: Only convention picture I have online, and it's also my favourite! Hope to see some of you there.
  11. viper_h

    Patrick Stewart

    Does anyone know if flash photography from the queue of Patrick will be allowed?
  12. Hey you, get your damn hands off her!
  13. viper_h

    Possible meet up?

    Hiya. This boat's getting pretty full, cause I'm in it too No-one I know ever goes to these things either. I'm going on the Sunday, and it'd be great to meet new people. If anyone's interested, hit me on my msn at viper_halberd@hotmail.com and we can try and arrange something! -David
  14. viper_h

    Guest Cancellation - Hayden Panettiere

    Personally I'm going for Tony Head, Emma Caulfield and Robert Beltran. I was already going before I heard Hayden was there, so it's not a big deal for me!
  15. viper_h

    Guest Cancellation - Hayden Panettiere

    While I'm disappointed that Hayden won't be there, I totally understand. The writers strike has been called off this week, so maybe they need her for new Heroes episodes, or mobisodes, or anything. For gods sake, stop moaning though. It's perfectly understandable considering this past week is probably one of the highest activity weeks US TV has seen in the last 10 weeks. And give showmasters a break too; it's not their fault at all. My theory is that Hayden had a break in her schedule because of the strike, so she signed up to CM:Manc cause she had nothing to do, and once the strike ended, she cancelled. What would you rather see? New Heroes episodes or Hayden once, for <5 mins, when you can do that any time. Stop being so damn selfish.