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  1. Hi Peter, Vic auctioned some of his various crew jackets off a couple of years back and I was lucky enough to get hold of the T2 jacket. Ive been getting it signed by cast members ever since, including Vic who posed for a photo with me whilst he wore it. Look forward to meeting you and bringing the jacket along.
  2. Fantastic announcement, another signature to add to my Vic Armstrong T2 crew jacket.
  3. Sad to hear the man responsible for the screen creation of Yoda, Chewbacca and a whole host of others has past away. RIP
  4. I'm now going on the rather flimsy theory of 'Show maker' = Muppet Show = Frank Oz
  5. Hi there in case i missed it, does the Buzz Aldrin base fee include a free 10x8 photo or are these also subject to an extra charge. Cheers
  6. Would be great to meet the cast members of one of my favourite "growing up" movies.
  7. Yep would love Carrie and her gaffer tape stories back
  8. These replies are sarcastic... from a neutral looking in
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