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  1. Aww great, now two forum elders have given conflicting answers. Who to trust?
  2. My heart is cold and impure. I am happy to trust your heart though.
  3. I've started a Supergirl poster. Cisco was on the show for less than a minute. I'm unsure whether to add Carlos's auto. Kind people, tell me what to do...
  4. I'm looking forward to the sequel 'Lacey'.
  5. That reminds me - I saw Avenue Q with my family years ago. I'll update my list, I'm sure you're all dying to know where it fits. Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat (yeah it's dumb, but I don't care: I've loved it since childhood) Matilda (seen during it's original RSC run in Stratford dah-ling) The Lion King (the first 5 minutes is the best) Oklahoma (a classic) Avenue Q Chitty Chitty Bang Bang (several of the characters were v. annoying) Jersey Boys (on Broadway - the seats were tiny so it comes last) I'm going to see Legally Blonde later in the year. I imagine that will slot in quite low on the list.
  6. I heard they're just going to use a bmx and hope nobody notices.
  7. If John Barrowman was an egg, how would he be served? Sunny side up I'd say. Maybe a little bit scrambled.
  8. Nu-uh. Unless you mean where you really want a chicken and your two options are to spend a large amount on a chicken, or buy an egg for less, but risking the chance that it never turns into a chicken.
  9. As always, it's only you who can answer the 'is it worth the extra' question, but yeah, I think you kind of already have. It all depends how distraught you'd be if you miss out on his auto. If you can stay until the very end on Sunday you'll maximise your chances of getting the auto without needing to go Diamond.
  10. ...and if they get a bunch of e-mails asking about refunds it just slows down them actually processing the refunds.
  11. Oh! I thought his face in the first picture looked familiar. If I spend £30 on a photo just because he hosted the ESC, that would be a bit worrying right?.
  12. There's a party in my...never mind.
  13. Instead of being involved in a talk, can he just read us a story? Best Jackanory presenter ever.
  14. I'm happy to sign any nude photos of me btw.
  15. Somebody wants to learn correct apostrophe usage. Bad boi.
  16. I so am a bad boi. I'm a rebel. I'm trouble. I'm from the wrong side of the tracks. I don't play by anybody's rules. UNDERPANTS! See?
  17. Nah RayRay, chill bro, it's not like the guy (or gal - I'm not the the type to make gender assumptions) has been warned before by increasingly frustrated moderators and you were only trying to help or anything.
  18. Harumph. How come nobody ever e-mails me to tell me off? I try so hard to be the resident bad boi of the forum.
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