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  1. I agree that if you just paid for convention entry and nothing else then it was poor value for money. Unless you watched the talks on the two free stages then there was really nothing else to do. You could walk round the rest of the convention area in half an hour because there was hardly anything in it. There are lots of angry posts on the Facebook page from people who fall into this category. This was definitely a show where you needed to plan in advance exactly what you wanted to do and then pay for those options. The problem was that the lack of any real information until a week befor
  2. Definitely need a 30th anniversary TNG event for next year.
  3. With respect, how much money the actors make is nobody's business but theirs. They are working all weekend so why shouldn't they be paid for it ? I don't agree that there's pressure to do everything in a day. They sell weekend tickets for people who want to spread things out more. As to whether it's worth paying large amounts of money for a few seconds with a particular actor, that's up to the individual. To me it's not, hence I go mostly for the talks but for thousands of others it clearly is, hence the long queues for most of the guests !
  4. I was going to buy a Tier 6 seat but they sold out so I ended up with Tier 5. Turns out that was a lucky break as it seems to have been the difference between being able to hear the show or not !
  5. Agreed. What a lovely guy. I got VT number 10 so got a chance to see him early on in the day. Spent a few minutes talking about his time with Robin Williams on the set of Flubber. Just a heads up for those seeing him today that Wil is the "no handshake" type of person. Nothing rude about it but stuff were saying "no touching" and people were sometimes ignoring this. Wil was happy to give out the odd fist bump. The "no touching" rule was in force for the photoshoot as well bur Wil was up for doing poses. In my photo were doing a double thumbs up / cheesy grin pose. Really chuffed with it.
  6. A word of appreciation for the crew member who moved on the two guys who thought they were going to stand in the aisle and chat during Shatner's World.
  7. Thanks. Last train home was at 9:14 so I definitely would have missed it !
  8. Few random thoughts on Saturday. I've mentioned the queuing in another thread. It wasn't ideal but I've endured much worse at other shows. Seems to be one of those things you just have to put up with at cons. I thought the convention area was a good size. Seemed larger than the one at the Excel, or maybe it's just that there were very few dealers stands this time ! I found the NEC easy to get to so I would definitely attend another event there. One drawback was the food. Main options seemed to be Cornish pasties or Subway. I survived for a day but I wouldn't want to attempt a whol
  9. I agree the Wil Wheaton talk queue was a bit of a mess. There was a crew member on the back door scanning people but hardly anyone seemed to have spotted her so there was a huge scrum at the other two doors. I didn't appreciate having to queue in Subway or the newsagents either but that's not DST's fault. For the most part the queuing went pretty quickly. There were massive queues for entry and for Shatners World but once they started scanning people they moved pretty quickly.
  10. Yes, it does look smaller than the ones at Excel, at from least looking at the plan. With three stages so close to each other I fear sound problems coming in from other panels which has been a problem in the past.
  11. Indeed. I thought for a while I might be the only one. I bought my tickets last week but it's a shame there wasn't any advance notice (that I saw anyway) that Saturday tickets were about to run out.
  12. via Twitter : "@StarTrek_DST Tickets to #DSTE are selling at warp speed! Saturday day entry tickets have now SOLD OUT Other entry tickets are running low!" This is encouraging. If I'm honest, from the lack of updates until very recently I feared this event might be a bit of a damp squib...
  13. You're going crazy http://destinationstartrek.com/visiting/timetables
  14. I gather from a comment on Facebook that this now starts at 7:30pm and not 7pm. So I will probably end up having to leave half way through to catch my train.
  15. I hope they make the talk a bit longer. I don't know if we'll ever get another chance to see him in the UK.
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