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  1. Hi just double checking the Llantrisant address is the one to send my own picture for John Hurt to sign please? Thanks
  2. I was wondering this as well. I think Buzz charges all theses fees and add ons simply because 'he can'. Cheers
  3. Agree with the Count - great bloke and always welcome.
  4. 2 things to bear in mind.... Compared to today, where camera's in one form or another are everywhere and millions of pictures are taken on a daily basis, there's surprisingly few Apollo astronaut photos taken during the missions and so there's only a finite number....you'll tend to see the same photographs over and over, just in different sizes! Second, I'd strongly advise printing out your own photograph and taking it along, that way you know what you're getting. For example, for Buzz there's 3 famous ones - on the moon facing Neil, one stood by the LEM footpad, and one inside the spacecraft looking at the camera putting a pen in his suit. Oh and for 350 quid, I'd print quite a big picture out for him to sign (as long as he doesn't charge more!) Drop me a mail if you (or anybody) needs any hi res pictures.
  5. Have a look here - https://www.londontoolkit.com/lhr/heathrow_local_buses.htm Think the buses are the 105, 111, 140, 555 and the 423 - double check that though (and yes it is a weird feeling getting on a bus for nothing!) If memory serves, going to the hotel you'll see a McDonalds on the left, meaning your stop isn't far away Going back, don't use the bus stop directly over the road, buses don't pick up from it - you have to walk down a little to another stop. Cheers
  6. Not sure he would sign Edwin, as he legally changed his name to Buzz in the 70's - you can but ask him though! Should think he will put your surname on ok (that's just my opinion) - write your name on a piece of card so he can copy it. Cheers
  7. If it were me - I'd get Buzz's autograph. It's gonna be an eye watering price but he's what, 85 now, and part of the first landing. This could be his last visit. I'd save and save and put the overtime in as well if I were you - hang on a minute, that's what I'M doing!!!! Cheers
  8. The hoppa bus is NOT free. Do not use it!!! Other buses are completely free from Heathrow bus station to the hotel - I'll try and find the link (it's in an old forum reply)
  9. Jim would be great to have back. Smart, funny, friendly and open, my fave astronaut of them all. And imagine, an A9 photo shoot..... Cheers
  10. First 6 aren't outside the bounds of possibility, although I hear Jim Lovell is slowing down his appearances now - he's approaching 90 years old. Last 4 I'd say no chance - Mike Collins only signs privately (he's got a mail-in coming up in the USA), John Young and Bill Anders don't sign anymore, and Ken Mattingly is probably the most elusive of all the remaining Apollo astronauts - he was in Britain last year but that was an extremely rare, one off appearance, and he just doesn't do these shows. Of course, I'd love to be proved wrong..... Cheers
  11. Any Apollo astronaut Anyone from the 'Alien' film Musical guests? Thank you!
  12. It were quiet today Sunday, but that was good - no big queues, and a relaxed unhurried atmos. All the showmasters people I spoke to, and in fact all the folk on the stalls as well, were friendly and helpful. Tom Stafford and Al Worden were great. The bond girl Caroline Halon? was gorgeous. Hotel bar prices hair whitening as usual. Only complaint was someone hogging the questions at the end of the Tom Stafford lecture. But enjoyed the day and look forward to next years. How did the Saturday dinner go? It's one thing I never see any reports on on the forum. Cheers
  13. Showmasters - please have you got a time yet for Tom Stafford's lecture on Sunday - I want to buy a ticket but can't commit until I know I can make it! Thanks
  14. It would be great if Tom Stafford's lecture could be later on in the day please, to give those travelling in a chance as he's only doing the one. Thank you!!
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