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  1. Nooo!!! That's unfortunate. She is one of my favourites in ALL of Star Trek and was actually my number one reason for attending DST. I guess luckily I hadn't purchased my tickets yet (don't know my own personal commitments at this time). Probably still going - Fred Haise and Jason Isaacs are now my new reasons for attending. Hopefully Linda Park can make it to the UK for the next event.
  2. Overall, I had a really good day. I've already addressed the complaints about queues in the other thread too, which I didn't consider to be much of a problem and thought the crew did the best they could. My main complaint being the many attendees who just seemed to think it was okay to push through the crowds. However, I would just like to add that I completely agree with frogbmth's suggestions of larger/taller signposting of guest photoshoots and managing the batch numbers with individual queues each, that would have been very beneficial for all (crew and attendees). Got a photoshoot with Alexander Siddig (love that guy), and a bridge photoshoot with Walter and George (being one of the last few in the line for Batch 5 I was told by the crew no greeting or shaking hands as they needed to move it along quickly - but George was the one that shook my hand, can't be helped I guess). Also got a D-bridge photo. Only one autograph this year - Christopher Lloyd. Wasn't able to spend much time with him, but still came across really nice. So glad the stall selling the 10x8 photos had Back to the Future images. I love Star Trek of course, but his role in BTTF means so much more to me than his Search for Spock role. The Wil Wheaton talk was really good and he had some interesting things to say and talk about. I love the Enterprise guys and their talk, even if Dominic could be little domineering, but they all just seem like the best of mates. The Eaglemoss guy (didn't catch his name) that did the Unused Enterprises and Eaglemoss talk was really good, although I missed most of the 13:35 Eaglemoss talk for a photoshoot. And if he's reading, thank you for hosting the Al Worden talk, even if he didn't always answer your questions, but I've come to expect that from astronauts as they just have so many amazing stories to tell that they often lose sight of the original question. I bought three Eaglemoss ships (Delta Flyer, Botany Bay, and Romulan Bird of Prey). Maybe a little disappointed I couldn't pick up a Phoenix and DS9, but they're available online. Thank you DSTE and to all the guests that could make it. Happy 50th Birthday Star Trek!
  3. I don't really have anything to complain about. I went to the event Saturday only. Yes there are queues, what do you expect? You're not the only one there. Getting to NEC at 8:15, ticket scanned and hand stamped about 8:40, in DSTE main door by 9:05. Not a problem and to be expected. For the paid talks (I saw Wil) there were crew there you could ask where to queue depending on your ticket. I think it also made sense to send everyone outside for Shatner's World since it technically wasn't part of DSTE, which means they could officially close the DSTE event, and the tier seating was made very clear by all of the crew there. My two main photoshoots were Alexander Siddiq (who also had all of the cancelled Friday shoots to go through, but I was happy to wait, and being one of the last to finally get their photo I was thrilled to see him still smiling and greeting everyone - such a nice guy!), and Walter and George Bridge shoot (which was delayed, and in knowing it was delayed and that I was in Batch 5 I left and went and did other things like get Christopher Lloyds autograph, bought my D-bridge photoshoot for later, bought some eaglemoss ships). I left my D-Bridge shoot to the end of the day, when there were fewer things going on and I knew there weren't going to be interruptions from guest/bridge shoots. Of course the Classic Bridge had more guest/bridge shoots so I can't comment there. One thing I would say about the Bridge shoots - at DSTL 2012 the bridge was enclosed with a window for people to view the bridge photoshoot area, which I think would have been very beneficial at DSTE as the "open" guest/bridge shoots were drawing large crowds of attendees trying to take their own photos and clashing with the large queues of people who had paid for the guest/bridge photoshoot. The regular photoshoots were enclosed. I think my main complaint would be attendees. I felt sorry for the crews having to deal with the queues who, from the shoots I saw, did a pretty decent job of keeping it under control. However, so many attendees just seemed to be oblivious of the people waiting and queueing, somehow believing they are able to just walk up to the front and get there photoshoot, or take a selfie. Okay if you have a question for the crew, but once you've got your answer please just take your place in the rest of the waiting crowd, rather than standing in front of everybody else who have been waiting for sometime already. So many were doing this and so the crowds just crept closer and closer to the photoshoot entrance and clashed with the [real] queue, causing a mess. I suppose I feel somewhat at an advantage as I am very tall and could easily see what the crew were asking us to do and when they called out each batch, but in being tall I could also see that it was many of the other attendees just being completely oblivious of the crowds and queues and making it worse (I mean, what did they think everyone was doing? Just standing around for fun?). I also think a lot of people coming to these events plan too much, which is very understandable if you really want to get everything, and for many these events and meeting certain guests can be a once in a lifetime thing. But in planning my day, I certainly make sacrifices knowing I will only have time to get a few shoots, a few autographs, a few talks (paid and free). If I wanted more I would have gone for the weekend pass rather than the one day. I believe you just have to be realistic, and plan your day around the unknowns. Try to leave gaps for your paid events for extra time, which could easily be filled with free talks, shopping, or just to go and sit down and take a break. Just remember: there will be crowds (big crowds); "attractive" photoshoots will have very long queues; and talks will overrun. Oh, and bring your own food (purchased mine at New Street on the way), its so much easier. Overall, I had a really good day. Thank you DSTE and to all the guests that could make it. Happy 50th Birthday Star Trek!
  4. We're still waiting for Destination Star Trek London (2012). That was a huge event and yet no downloads available. Did they lose the data or something?
  5. Okay. I wonder if Jessops or Boots will print out a picture of Christopher Lloyd if I just grab one off the internet. Might be a good idea to come with at least something, in case I don't find anything I like from the dealers. Thanks for the reply.
  6. Hi. Will there at least be a dealer or two selling photos or art prints of various attending guests? At other autograph shows, the guests sometimes have a choice of pictures [free] for autographs. I think I've decided a little too late on what autographs I want, so I'll be attending empty handed (in fact the only picture I already have that I really want signed is Linda Park, and she cancelled). I was maybe hoping for a Christopher Lloyd 10x8 photo (preferably BTTF related) - there is a seller on ebay with such photo prints, but apparently he's not available this week.
  7. As above, Nick died yesterday . if anyone didn't know he started out selling autographs ( Frank was his dad who started the business) before moving into storage items.He'd been ill for many months but tryed to keep going as long as he could. This is really sad to hear. He was so helpful at a previous Autographica even I attended, and I was looking forward to meeting him tomorrow and getting some very much needed helpful advice. Thanks for letting me know. My condolences.
  8. Hi. Received my tickets. Thanks. Of course there weren't any Ed Mitchell photoshoot and lecture ticket (real shame he couldn't make it). I purchased these tickets (£70) along with the rest of my tickets via Paypal; when and how will there be a refund for these? Cheers.
  9. Thanks, that's good to know, I'll be bringing both credit card and cash then (just not +£1000 in cash). And it makes sense that Buzz would have his own staff to deal with the autographs due to the many varied options.
  10. What about everybody else? Is there not a desk that sells autographs for all guests, plus the extra tickets bought on the day, and do they take credit card, or must you have cash to hand over whenever you queue for an autograph from any other guest. Sorry, never bought autographs at this event before, but I have prepaid for event lectures and photoshoots, and I don't want to go looking for an ATM just because I didn't bring enough cash (we still don't know what Ed Mitchell is asking for autographs).
  11. Can you pay for these autographs by credit card? I don't think I'm the only one who would be uncomfortable walking around Heathrow with so much cash in my pocket.
  12. Thanks 18blue78. I think that is the guy I was talking about, and according to the website he'll be at Autographica in September. I'll definitely have to have a chat with him and buy some pockets before I go and grab my autographs. Cheers.
  13. Hi, I've been to Autographica a few times before and got some great photoshoots, but only now is the idea of getting a few autographs beginning to appeal to me (I say a few, but I get the feeling this is not going to end soon and will become an obsession). I was wondering what is the best way to preserve your autographs, especially when you are at the event running around with several pieces in your possession and then trying to get them all home so you can put them in a safe place or get them framed. At previous Autographica events there has been a table selling Timecare Polyester Pockets, which I keep my photoshoots in, with a sturdy cardboard box to keep them safe. Are these Timecare pockets also sufficient for preserving autographs? Is that same table going to be at this event too. Any tips will be great. Cheers.
  14. Hi, Thanks for the responses, and thanks Composer [Count Fooku] for the link to Apollo images (is there one for the shuttle too?). The images I have finally decided on are actually also available from Moonpans. I will definitely need to get my Partial Panorama of Ed from Moonpans, so I'll get my 10x8 photos for Bruce and Rusty there too. Are they quick to deliver? I'm still undecided about an image for Buzz to sign - for +£350 it has to be something good and not a rushed decision. Currently a canvas print of Norman Rockwell's First Steps on the Moon is my preferred choice, but I'd be ordering from the US if I do and I can't guarantee it will turn up in time. Can anyone recommend a UK canvas printer that would do a good job of that image? However, I don't think I can afford a Buzz autograph at this time anyway, especially on top of what I know I definitely want (how much is Ed's autograph?). I met Buzz last year and we got a great photo together, so I won't 100% regret it if I don't manage to catch him again in the future. Cheers.
  15. Do the astronauts [and other guests] provide photos for signing as part of the autograph fee? And do we know what these images are before the event? I recently went to another autograph show where they had free photos to choose from, but I was disappointed with the choice of images. If I'd known beforehand I would probably have ordered a photo from somewhere else. Any such information would be great. Cheers.
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