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  1. First time at a con in cosplay, would be great to meet some like-minded trek fans who are also newbies :)
  2. Just to name a few you guys should invite to the London Film And Comic Con 2013 - onwards - Kevin Sorbo (again) just because he was awesome! - Karen Gillan - She seems like she would be very awesome to meet. - Ian Mckellen - He IS Gandalf! - Sean Bean - A true icon of the Game Of Thrones TV series - Peter Dinklage - Another icon of Game Of Thrones TV series - Richard Armatige - He plays a brilliant Thorin in The Hobbit - ANYONE FROM LOST! - Its such a beloved show for so many people - Evangeline Lilly - She really made LOST a brilliant show - Kate Mulgrew - She is a true Star Trek legend - Viggo Mortensen - He was awesome as Aragon in the LOTR Trilogy - Elijah Wood - Also seems like a very very nice chap - Pretty much anyone from either The Hobbit Trilogy or The Lord Of The Rings! - Joss Whedon - you may break the bank getting him, but it would be soo worth it :) - Emilia Clarke - A true Game Of Thrones Queen! - Liam Cunningham - He has such a unique acting style and he seems like a nice guy Thats it for now...... -
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