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  1. Sorry I have seen these. I meant any others that have not been announced on here already. Thanks.
  2. Wandering if all the other guests are there this morning.
  3. Thank You! I might leave a bit later than I normally would so that the waiting time to get in is less.
  4. Firstly, I apologise in advance if this information is on here somewhere already! :) According to the weather forecast for tomorrow it's 'gusty winds and heavy rain.' Therefore, I was wandering, if they'll be indoor queuing before the doors open at 9.00am like there is in the Summer. If so what time are we let in? Thanks all!
  5. Hi Star Wars fans, can someone please clarify which of the two Niktos Paul plays in ROTJ. The one fighting with Lando on the skiff or the one firing the guns on the barge? Some places say he was both. If someone can clarify for me it would be great. Thanks.
  6. Great, if so, this would solve all sorts of problems. Thanks.
  7. Will Showmasters know from the scanned photoshoot tickets who has been able to use their Friday and Sunday photoshoots on Saturday and therefore who to refund or not refund next week? Thank you.
  8. Met him twice, both times at a Showmasters event. A great actor and a lovely man. Thanks for the opportunity Showmasters.
  9. Sometimes I wear a collar shirt, sometimes I wear a t-shirt. Now I can make an informed adult decision. And to quote an old Doctor friend of mine, 'there's no point being grown up if you can't be childish sometimes'.
  10. Ok great, so even if he is sat down I would be standing up so great, I can wear a t-shirt if I decide to! Thanks! I should have remembered the use of a high chair in a shoot with another actor a few years ago.
  11. I know you're going to think I'm mad for asking this, but there is logic to my madness. Do you know or think Billy Dee Williams will be standing up or sitting down for his photoshoot? The reason I ask is so that I know what to wear. If I wear a Star Wars t-shirt and we are sitting down the image on the t-shirt will get scrunched up and look rubbish in the picture. If I know he is sitting down I will wear a normal collar shirt instead. Plus my big belly would look worse sat down in a t-shirt than it would in a collar shirt. I recently saw footage of him with a stick so thought I'd ask. I know, l know, but thanks for humouring this crazy geek! Does anyone else think this way? Actually, don't answer that...
  12. Does anyone know what the exclusive gift is that comes with the diamond pass? What is it usually? I'm guessing a print or mug?
  13. Hello! Will we be able to pick up 3 Day Entry and diamond passes on Thursday this year? From memory we were able to do so before, I haven't bought a diamond for a few years. It would reduce stress on the day of the event.
  14. Glad you had a nice time. Looking forward to meeting Laura tomorrow.
  15. Thanks. There is some uncertainty if it's Laurie or Michael Leader so seeing what other fans think. Both apparently claim to be the one.
  16. Trying to work out which of the two Saurin cantina patrons Laurie is. Barbara Frankland is at LFCC and I don't want to get them the wrong way round on signed pictures. Also is Laurie the stormtrooper who hit his head? Any help/ confirmation would be much appreciated.
  17. Unfortunately I do not have everyone's name that I'd like to thank. The photoshoot areas were generally managed well by hardworking blue and red shirts. I had many shoots over the weekend with a lot to juggle. Ben & Kiel (I hope I spelt that right) were particularly helpful and managed the photoshoots incredibly well. Ben helped me manage my clashes on Sunday, Thanks for the advice - I followed it and got everything done. Hope to see you again next time.
  18. Absolutely, Thanks. I'll have cards on me.
  19. Thanks, usually they just scan your printed ticket and that is it. No ID is needed.
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