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  1. topmiler

    Full Metal Jacket

    This is great news, one of my all time favourite's. Keep more of them coming.
  2. ...and "Who Dares Wins" filmed at the Limehouse Studios.
  3. any England 1966/1970 World Cup players
  4. topmiler

    Latest Guest Announcement - GORDON BANKS

    yes, yes, more 66/70 players please.
  5. topmiler

    Guest Suggestions

    players from England/Brazil 1970 World Cup
  6. topmiler

    You know Pele yeah?

    maybe we could try and get Jairzinho next.
  7. topmiler

    How did you all find today?

    Thanks QS. I wasn't get to let anything spoil my Pele Day. !!
  8. topmiler

    How did you all find today?

    Terrific day, I was only there for the football legends and wouldn't have missed Pele for the world, he was lovely. The queues weren't as bad as some events I've been to, but why oh why are 'dealers' allowed to queue at a guests table at the same time as us poor mortals (with just a few items for signing), lugging 50 or so replica shirts to be signed causing massive delays. One fella had so many they had to be carried in a cardboard box. Another queue was held up for about 20 minutes with a 'dealer' brandishing seven pink dealer vouchers, yes I counted them, and a pile of about 100 football programmes the size of the Eiffel Tower, plus an assortment of other merchandise for selling on. Fortunately my schedule wasn't critical but obviously many other's were as people started abandoning the line realising that their already tight schedules were about to disintegrate altogether. This can't be sensible, can it?. I think it would be a good idea to find the 'dealers' with their lorry loads of items a separate time slot, or have a max number limit of items to be signed, to give everyone a chance. Paul Reaney was good value as a spectator sport, constant jokes and banter the whole time, and trying to wind Allen Clarke up. Priceless.
  9. topmiler

    You know Pele yeah?

    I never thought I would get a chance to meet Pele in my lifetime, a true footballing genius from my younger days, so to have my pic taken and have him sign something today was a dream come true. So many people I met today have said the same. He was so lovely, not wanting to let go of your hand and trying to have a quick chat once the photo had been taken. Pity we had to be ushered away to keep things moving otherwise we'd probably still be there. Thank you Pele. You're a true gent sir.
  10. topmiler

    Guest Suggestion thread

    Alan Mullery Bobby Charlton Martin Peters Peter Bonetti Francis Lee Colin Bell
  11. topmiler

    Guest Suggestion thread

    Bobby Charlton
  12. topmiler

    Guest Suggestion thread

    Bobby Charlton
  13. topmiler

    Guest Suggestion thread

    Get Alan Mullery, Alex Stepney, Martin Peters or Colin Bell and I'll forgive you
  14. topmiler

    Guest Suggestion thread

    1970 world cup squad please.
  15. topmiler

    Latest Sports Guest Announcement - GEOFF HURST

    or '70 world cup for that matter !