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  1. Its not an emoticon, its a much rounder yellower photoshoped version of me thinking about this con. Also this...
  2. LOL John, s'ok, plenty of WD40 left.
  3. Im so excited Tigger has nothing on me! Noce one Simon and well said. Only popped in here to say that, got put off using this place due to all the complaining. Ill stick with the awesome FB page where fun never sleeps and respect is a given. Llap.
  4. My 3 and 9 year old cant wait to go. They are almost as excited as I am.
  5. OMG what an awesome idea! I know a few folks still in two minds about attending DSTL and a band, especially Five Year Mission would probably get them there! Mods? Is this possible??
  6. Ive booked a couple of photographs on the Sunday and Id like them signed. Are the pics going to be ready in time, or should I move the days of the shoots? Cheers.
  7. Thank you, Ill keep my fingers crossed.
  8. Being used to working in front of a camera does not automatically mean a guest is going to be happy to have cameras pointed at them constantly, in fact its understandable if a guest wants to have a break from the cameras! Question to the mods, will there be a video produced from the weekend of the talks and other events for us to buy?
  9. Ooh Chakotay and Tuvok? Now they would make an awesome couple. But seriously, people turn up with photoshopped nudes and expect guests to sign it??
  10. That's very nice...can you tell me where you got that? Thanks Here. http://www.richartprints.com/ Scroll down and click on the Star Trek prints for more. I bought the same one as Sorok and it looks great.
  11. Are some of you big kids taking your little ones to the con? So far Ive only met one person who is! My two tribbles (3 and 9) are as excited as I am. The eldest cant wait to meet Kate and the youngest is hoping to see 'Beh-nana' Torres, both are still trying to master 'the Vulcan high five'. If not kids is anyone bringing other family or friends who are trekkies in training?
  12. Doesn't matter, apologies are mine for having been a bit rude. You would understand my worries...the event is still far and some things are still unclear, Planning such a week-end from Rome under this conditions, with all related flights and hotels, is somehow like a jump in the dark ....however, I'm sure good answers will surely come in time. I hear that. Im only coming from Wales and it still seems like a jump in the dark! Its Awesome to see so many people coming to the event from accross the world. Im sure we'll all know what were doing by October and its going to be great.
  13. People who havent paid may get less choice or no choice at all if all the tickets for talks sell out, so you have that guarantee. Im sure they will allocate you a spot together if you write to them with the ticket numbers. But as for the organisers not taking into account other things you might have to do, how can they? It would be impossible and logistical madness to consider how thousands of people might plan their weekends, so all they can do is plan so we all get a turn with the assumption ticket holders will be there for the duration of time their ticket lasts. Might be worth asking them if you can have a specific day when you write in with your ticket numbers?
  14. Aside from a place to gather information, this is a discussion board Quag and folks are going to talk. I think most people have the ability to tell the difference between an opinion, an informed opinion, speculation and fact. Any confusion can easily be put to a mod here or directly to showmasters. In the meantime, we are here to share our thoughts on all matters DSTL and should feel free to do so, in my opinion.
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