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  1. Thanks. So just so I'm not be dumb here. That would mean that if you have the Gold Pass, then you don't have to buy any more party tickets? Is that correct or am I reading it incorrectly?
  2. Hi sorry to be a pain, but can you confirm that with the office please (obviously when CM finishes and they have enough time to answer). It was said from Jill's interview with Trek.FM that the Gold Pass party ticket would be for the Main Party only. Thanks
  3. i am sorry your information is incorrect. DLR are putting on replacement busses. I do not know were you go this from. There may even be a chance that they can talk to the DLR and get it running for the weekend as now its looking more and more likely that there will be around 10,000 trekkies there :-) we shall see but the Busses will be running jason Sorry Jason, but I believe I said TfL were putting on replacement busses.
  4. I don't think ExCel are putting on replacement busses, but I believe TfL are. Not sure of the schedule from them though. Might be worth ringing TfL and seeing if they have got any more details. The DLR spur being down, I think, is going to cause some confusion and hold ups that weekend.
  5. The point is I'm paying, sorry, I've already paid £300 for the privilege of not getting a choice. People who have not paid have all the choice in the world. Preference should have been asked for at the time of ticket package. But other points are, when we get assigned a day, we can't be there with our friends and families who have booked at a different time. It also doesn't take into consideration that we may have other things to do than be there all weekend. Nowhere have I said or implied that I would be there for ALL weekend and the organisers should not assume this.
  6. Someone else has just had an email conformation back from Jill at Media 10! Which said "With regards to your concerns about the assigning of days to the captain's talks - this will take into consideration tickets that have been bought together - such as families, so children and parents are not seperated - we would assume children tickets and adult tickets will have the same booking reference (we can't see why children tickets would not be bought on the same booking as an adult/parent?) so we are able as much as possible to ensure the captain's talks tickets are assigned appropriately - if there are any issues with our allocations so long as we are given enough notice (ie: not on the day!) we can go back to the allocation to help as much as we can to keep people together. The reason we have to allocate which talk/day you go to is due to the demand we are expecting from non package ticket holders who wish to purchase seperate talk tickets - as we have a talk area capacity, we simply have to know what seats are available for each performance and as package holders are there for three days its easier for us to manage this by allocation, rather than taking the risk of everyone turning up for one talk and being left disapointed that they couldn't get in." That has just said to everyone who has bought a package, thanks for your money now go away and do what we tell you, when we tell you. This is disgraceful. The amount of money the package holders are paying you, we expect to be able to choose what to do on the weekend and when to do it. It turns out that basically you are not valued or respected if you have paid your money in advance. You get more respect for buying entry only tickets and choosing, yes there's that word again, when you would like to do your own thing.
  7. You know people, we were told to wait until the main office had official answers to our questions and that would be in a few days. It doesn't do anybody any good putting up mis-information, speculation or their own opinion BEFORE the official answer. All that does is to foster bad feelings and get people worked up. If you dont know the answer, and lets be blunt here, if your not Showmasters, then you DONT KNOW THE ANSWER, please stop posting with YOUR OPINION on whats going to happen. This is what causes people to get the worng idea and makes the more upset. You should just follow the instructions and as SM, said WAIT for an OFFICIAL answer. And thats what most of us are doing, or at least thats what I am doing. If would be a good idea not to confuse people with wrong answer and opinion.
  8. It's a shame that they have put up that advert - it looks like they are trying to ruin your convention. Just like another group who don't like SM's and have a minor get together the same weekend who have been bad mouthing your excellent efforts all over their public Facebook page all afternoon and evening! It's childish really, but no unexpected knowing their history.
  9. The corcern about the seating is not the VIP/Platinum in front then Gold and Silver then others (that was always clear) but the fact that the stage might be in the middle and we wont be looking at the actors faces, just their backs or their sides and that we will be too far away, even if I have a Gold pass, to see them. Thanks
  10. Some insight was given in the interview as to how things are going to be run, but one thing that is really annoying people is the following Jill said People who have bought tickets where Captain Talks are included WILL BE ASSIGNED A DAY. Once thats worked out they will know the availablity they have for the extra tickets to go on sale. For the most part people WONT BE ABLE TO SAY WHAT DAY!! A few questions here 1.) What is i dont want to go on the day i'm assigned? 2.) What if I want to go on the day my friends have been assigned on? 3.) What if I cant make the day i'm assigned? 4.) What if I have other plans for the day i'm assigned, will I miss the talk? 5.) What criteria will I have to meet in order for you to change my assigned day? 6.) How far in advance wil you be telling me what I am doing and on what day? 7.) How many other things are we going to BE TOLD WHAT TO DO AND WHEN TO DO IT? If a talk is only on once, then yes we would have to go to the talk at athe assigned time, but if the SAME talk is scheduled to run twice then it is not right that the organisers tell us when to go. This presumably will be the same system for the stunt show, although this was not mentioned in the interview. IF we are going with a group i.e. our families and or friends, we want to be able to CHOOSE when we want to go and we want to go together. Are you assigning people randomly for each day to spread peopel over the two days or are you going by ticket numbers? This is not going to be enjoyable if we have no choice in what we do and when we do it. It was mentioned the priority seating would be done by tikcet type and the VIP/Platinum wold be at front. What about GOLD and Silver? Are we going to be near the back with the non-package holders? It was also implied that the stage would have an all round view. Is the stage going to be in the middle of the hall like has been done for other events at the ExCel? I did not pay all that money for a Gold package to look at the back of the actor and only see them on a big screen! As for the priority queueing, it was said that Gold and Platinum would have Priority Queueing and then it was said it would be for the Captains. Which is it, Just the Captains or for all queues? Not very clear but both scenarios were said? And the Package Party Ticket is for the Main Party Only - this imples that we cannot get into any other party over the weekend without buying another ticket. Is the Main Party just on on 1 night? Can we choose what night to go to the Main Party or is this another one of the You will go where and when we tell you? There seems to be a lot of "We cant or wont tell you whats happensing yet" as Jill said "we dont want to release all information now and by July your wondering whats next" (to paraphrase). Well, it would be nice to know what to budget for NOW and how many extras we are going to need to pay for, so we cant start saving as early as possible.
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