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  1. I'm not troll, I'm an upset customer!
  2. khitomer

    Included Autographs

    Thanks for the number Queen_Sindel
  3. khitomer

    Included Autographs

    Rhianydd, is there any easy way to speak with someone from SM directly? I want to ask about the auto problem. With regards the talks we have to leave around 4 on Sunday to catch our flight home. Will the main talks have finished by then?
  4. khitomer

    Included Autographs

    Can anyone answer this question? I ordered two gold tickets which arrived this morning. However I was EXTREMELY disappointed to find that the autos on the tickets are identical! This is crazy!!! If SM thinks this is approriate then I am very surprised. I am attending with my son and getting two sets of identical autos is useless. Can I compain and ask for a differents set to be allocated? Hoping someone at SM sees sense and give us the option to swap one set for another set. Or at least issues a different pass to one of us? Hopeful?
  5. Stop trolling, as has been said before there have been a couple of competitions Yes, competitions not winning amazing prizes which is what the title of the post is! I think anyone reading "join this forum and win amazing Star Trek prizes - Destination Star Trek London - Showmasters" would expect that by joining there was to be random drawings or similar. Still very disappointed. I think there a total of two competitions. Anyone know who won anything?
  6. That's not what this is supposed to be. The other comps are generally open to the main web page. The impression I had was that this was specifically for the forum!?
  7. Still no prizes!? Is this meant to be a joke?
  8. khitomer

    Answers to Frequently asked Questions

    It wasn't the card company! Girl I spoke to at SEE admitted it was their fault, they hadn't put the refund through!
  9. khitomer

    Answers to Frequently asked Questions

    Make sure the refund goes through. I had to remind them a month later about mine! Honest mistake I believe. They are normally a pleasure to deal with, not like bloody Ticketmaster, don't start me about that lot!!!
  10. khitomer

    New guests

    Ssssh! Don't you know we're not allowed to ask relevant questions! I can think of few instances where I would pay out £600 without really any details. Must be my Trekkiness!
  11. khitomer


    Hi Mike, There are a group of us staying at the Crowne Plaza and we plan to hook up prior to the convention. For example, there is a plan for DSTL Eve Drinks on Thursday. If interested, come over to FB and join us. Link in my sig. Regards, Paul. Hey! I won't be travelling down till the Friday, but I'm sure I will bump in to you all there! :) I'm already a member of the group but I haven't posted yet, I'll check it out. Post Mike! You'll be welcomed!
  12. khitomer

    Answers to Frequently asked Questions

    Beginning to think posting on here is a waste of time. Anything you say is edited! BIg Brother? Why have the forum if you're only allowed to say things that SM like. Very disappointing.
  13. khitomer

    DLR travel to Excel

    The tube is easy peasy! If you have an iPhone or Android get one of the tube planner apps, they'll even tell when the next train is due and how to plan your journey. Be aware however that the DLR is not in operation to Excel on the Sat and Sun of the event, bummer!
  14. khitomer


    Just a reminder for any new posters Another bump!
  15. khitomer

    Where are you from?

    Just a wee reminder to anyone posting on here, there is a facebook page http://www.facebook.com/groups/288754451205266/ for attendees run by ticket holders, great to find out who's going from your part of the world, questions that need answering, sharing accommodation, uniforms etc etc. If anyone needs an invite let me know. LLAP