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  1. Please enlighten me on the previous prices number one
  2. Heya All, I'm in the same boat, all my mates love Star Wars but not Star Trek! What were they thinking!? I'm staying in the Forest Gate Hotel on the saturday night. I'm driving from Chippenham to London early saturday, so if anyone is in the vacinity, or there abouts, I can kindly offer someone a lift! If not, my names Kyle Allbright and I look forward to meeting you all there! I'm 'Kyle Godlike Orius' on facebook. (Godlike is from unreal tournament, I'm not really godlike )
  3. Just found somewhere called the Forest Gate Hotel, 2.5 miles from the eXcel for £30! I used Booking.com to find me cheap hotels, seems prices will start hiking up sharpish soon so act fast guys!
  4. Hey All, I - like most people, don't live near London, but want to stay the night on saturday in order to have some Klingon Ale and enjoy the party! What times do the parties end? What's involved in the parties? Do we need to sort out accomodation or are you offering some services (such as busses to near by lodges etc) ? Thanks.
  5. Tim Russ Jeri Ryan Robert Beltran Levar Burton Brent Spiner Q is everywhere!
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