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  1. Yeah! It seems more real now!
  2. Aww! That's sad. Still going to be great!
  3. I think I'm going to dress up as Nirrti!
  4. jannagalaxy

    Jay Acovone

    Oooh where? You got a link?
  5. Yeah I should of logged in but I was in a rush.
  6. Sorry I was not clear...too busy with my uni work to think straight! I ddid not geet the confirmation email when i pressed submit. Hope thats better, thankks :)
  7. I have sent 2 emails now. I have also just a couple of minutes ago tried to call. But no answer. I dont know wwhat to do??!!
  8. Hi, I have emailed and just tried to call but I've had no response,, so I thought I would try here. I tried to buy a silver ticket a few days ago and I have not recieved an email response and themoney has not been debitted from my account. Do I need to go through the shop again? I do not know what I should do?? Thanks!
  9. Are we? If so I've got a few ideas!
  10. OMG! He was so nice to my shy mother in Vancouver! He's such a nice guy!
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