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  1. I would really love some Legends guests, in particular Caity Lotz! Also, would love to meet Alex Kingston!
  2. Sorry if this is the wrong place but I've seen recently Diane Youdale (Aka Jet!) is doing conventions - it would be a dream come true to meet her!
  3. I've heard Katrina is lovely - would be great to meet her!
  4. I really hope Stephan Amell or Caity Lotz - both survivors on Arrow!
  5. That's a shame, even if it was just a couple at the bigger events it would be great. I guess the cost for those from the more current American shows would be steeper.
  6. I've only recently got into Arrow and have watched 3 series back to back! I would love to meet anyone from the show but especially: Stephan Amell Katrina Law Katie Cassidy Caity Lotz Paul Blackthorn Alex Kingston John Barrowman Colton Haynes David Ramsey Emily Bett Rickards Willa Holland Brandon Routh
  7. I would love to meet Katrina so much! She always seems so lovely in her interviews and Nyssa is becoming one of my favourites in Arrow!
  8. First and foremost, Alex Kingston! Karen Gillan Krysten Ritter Emily Bet Rickards Stephen Amell John Barrowman James masters Sarah Michelle Geller
  9. I'd love: Alex Kingston (Please, still not over the cancellation from 2011!!) Karen Gillan Arthur Darvil Gigi Edgley Claudia Black Ben Browder
  10. That would be fantastic! Kate is one ofy all time favourites! Underworld was one of the first films I became obsesed with!
  11. That would be fantastic! Kate is one ofy all time favourites! Underworld was one of the first films I became obsesed with!
  12. I would love for Alex to do a UK con!! I had tickets for EMS a few years ago now but sadly she cancelled and don't think I've seen her at a showmasters since!
  13. I'd also love Krysten Ritter! Jessica Jones was one of the nest series I've see in a long while!
  14. Though my favourite Avenger is Black Widow (I guess Scarlett sadly isn't likely!), I'd really love to meet Chris Evans &Sebastian Stan and hope they do a UK con at some point!
  15. I'd love to meet: Kelly Sue DeConnick for her superb Captain Marvel & Avengers comics Matt Fraction for the awesome Hawkeye comic.
  16. I'd love anyone from the Marvel Cinematic Universe! Milla Jovovich! I'd also love to meet Kelly Sue DeConnick and Matt Fraction! They are my favourite comic writers at the moment.
  17. Definately! I would love Farscape guests!! It has to have been one of the greatest TV shows I've ever watched and the cast all are so lovely!
  18. Brilliant!!! One of the best guests you've got!
  19. Only Lena Headey at the moment! I know it's a risk when you only want to meet one guest but hopefully all will be ok...!
  20. Anyone from the Marvel cinematic universe!! Also, Farscape guest, especially Virginia Hey!
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