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  1. RobbieRebel

    Kyoryuger Dance (Minna Atsumare Kyoryuger)

    i love this song! i play it in my car everyday! but there isnt a dance for the complete version. just the short version! lol. need to make it up! VAMOLA!
  2. RobbieRebel

    Sentai Guests

    i have discovered Sentai ad would love any of the Kyoryuger or toqger cast!
  3. Paul Freeman - (Ivan OOze) David Yost - its morphin time! triceratops! Paul Scrier - Be The Eagle. nd he took about a minute drawing an awesome funny face Jason Narvy - Be The Swallow Jenna Coleman - Run you clever boy John Hurt - Gallifrey Stands Paul and John were the best. they wernt allowing personalisations for john hurt but he wanted to write that. and paul was so awesome. along with jason, bulk and skull were my best meets all weekend
  4. RobbieRebel

    How Many Guests Are You Meeting?

    15 photoshoots this year! MOST EVER! Stan Lee Milo Ventimiglia Pedro Pascal Jenna-Louise Coleman Lena Headey Natalie Dormer Paul Scrier Jason Narvy Cerina Vincent David Yost Paul Freeman Brooke Adams Stephanie Leonidas John Hurt Kristian Nairn and im getting 10 autographs out of that lot aswell! NEED MORE MONEY
  5. RobbieRebel

    How Many Guests Are You Meeting?

    im on 14 photoshoots and 13 autographs. and these include the likes of Stan lee, John hurt, Jenna Coleman. Such an awesome lineup this year!
  6. 2015 is the 30th anniversary of my favourite movie ever! Back to the Future! can we please get Christopher Lloys back and Lea Thompson! Along with Michael J Fox, Crispin Glover, Mary Steenberger! and other guys!!! AND THE DELOREON! IT WOULD BE AWESOME!!!
  7. RobbieRebel

    Guest suggestions

    we need more REVOLUTION guests!!!! Billy Burke, Tracey Spiridakos, Elizabeth Mitchell, Zak Orth, J.D. Pardo, David Lyons! Come on showmasters! WE WANT REVOLUTION!
  8. ok guys, i thought this would be a nifty thread. who are you meeting and what are you getting signed by them? im always interested to see peoples different merch! if it goes well i will show mine!
  9. RobbieRebel

    Austin St John

    seriously???? What more reason do you want Showmasters????
  10. RobbieRebel

    Austin St John

    With his re-emergence from self exile and now starting to do cons in the states can we please get Austin St. John! with the increase in Power Rangers guests at showmasters event lately it would be awesome to get the Firs ever red Ranger!!!! PLEASE!!! ITS MORPHIN TIME!
  11. RobbieRebel

    Latest Guest Announcement - PAUL FREEMAN

    another name on my power rangers poster! this will bring it up to 3!
  12. like the title says, if you made any vlogs of the awesome weekend please post heres my day in the life HERE IS MY INTERVIEW WITH WALTER JONES!
  13. RobbieRebel

    Power rangers

    im so happy to see that i have started the trend for getting the power rangers over here! and just to say YES! YES ! YES! get more rangers!!!
  14. RobbieRebel

    Dave Batista

    that would be awesome! with Marvel shootingpractically all their movies in london im surprised showmasters havnt picked any of them up!