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  1. comealongsong

    Who was that person thread

    That was me! You didn't imagine me.
  2. Agreed. I'm trying convince more people to come, who wouldn't normally bother to travel as far as London, but the guest list is a bit basic at the moment and they just can't see why I'm excited about this! The smaller cons still have at least one big headliner, don't they?
  3. comealongsong

    Guest suggestions

    Bring Robert Carlyle back to Sheffield!
  4. comealongsong

    Sheffield Film and Comic Con

    this is a turn up for the books. Sheffield is where I live.
  5. comealongsong


    I will be bringing the Evil Queen herself, Regina! Had such fun with her last year.
  6. comealongsong

    Guest Suggestions!

    I would love more Once Upon a Time guests - and I speak from a practical view too. Last year, I got a lot of people remarking on my Queen Regina cosplay - so the fans are definitely there!
  7. I wasn't going to bother with LFCC this year, but he's changed my mind. I've been wanting to meet Once Upon a Time actor for ages, and I get to bring Queen Regina out to play again! Wishlist includes Lana Parrilla and Robert Carlyle too!
  8. comealongsong

    Have Tickets Been Posted?

    Yeah, it's 48 hours where I am (probably because I live in a rural area.)
  9. comealongsong

    Have Tickets Been Posted?

    Mine have arrived, but been held onto because there was no one in to sign for them! I have to wait 48 hours though ... and I'm leaving 6am Saturday! I guess I'll just have to bring my emails.
  10. comealongsong

    Latest guest announcement - Matt Smith The Doctor

    This is wonderful! I wasn't going to come, but now I am! I would love to see some the other main DW cast coming along (especially the main trio, given it's the week after their last episode.) But in a perfect world, Alex Kingston, because she cancelled EMS last year and I've never quite got over it.
  11. Any update as to who's in each of the Doctor Who talks? :) Originally it stated there were two talks each day, so I assumed a Classic Who and a New Who talk. Are the guests just doing one together on each day? Just curious!
  12. I noticed that on Sunday the Doctor Who talk and John Simm shoot overlap by five minutes. Surely a lot of the photo shoot people will be at the talk! Is this not prompting a mad rush at 11am?
  13. comealongsong


    Thank you!
  14. comealongsong


    Will there be a cloakroom available to drop items off in? We'll have quite a few suitcases on Sunday and it'd be very helpful to have somewhere to leave them during the day! Thanks!
  15. comealongsong

    Doctor Who

    Would love to see some new Who guests here. (I love Classic, but my friend's coming over from NY in hopes of meeting some new Who people and I worry she's not going to see anyone.) I have my fingers crossed for Freema Agyeman. And Alex Kingston, who seems to be becoming a regular!