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  1. If I go next year.... i wont be getting gold. i didnt feel it benefited me this year at all with the number of diamond guests and GA getting let in same time on sat busiest day and getting the low VQ nos as they were st that end. I could do same w/out gold tbh. I got it purely for early entry for vqs on the diamond guests I didnt go diamond for and the other guest autos but I got turned away at Zoe Wannamakers when line was open and VQs were being allowed to line up! so the gold was a complete waste of my time imo
  2. QS---sorry to be a pain but still no response. Is there anything you can do your side to try and get time-scale for when response expected?
  3. hi yes it is in regards to a refund. I will wait a bit longer, however, would have been nice to even to get an acknowledgement to my now 2 e-mails to advise received and being looked at.
  4. thanks. i sent it on 31-07 and follow up on 03-08 but initial one was 31-07
  5. Not wanting to start anything in this thread but I still haven't had any response to my emails from the shop. Anyone know time-scales? Wpuld have thought re 'd response by now.
  6. no would need to be shop. i know they will be busy thats why left it this long. will give it a few more days and hope to have jeard by then.
  7. I e-mailed the shop on 31-07 and again on 03-08 and not had any response. How long does it normally take to have a response?
  8. thats fab :)
  9. probably be about 2-3 weeks after the event finisjed :)
  10. Hi only you can answer that question. Factors I take into account before purchasing the gold pass is how many guests I want to see for photos and autos... how many are diamond. when i buy a gold pass its purely for the time saving factor if I have a lot to get through. obviously if most I want to see are diamond then makes the gold pass less valuable in regards to auto but still helps photo wise so i weight it up and see if I have still enougj photo shoots to get through to make it worthwhile in regards to the goodie bag.... i dont even factor that into the equation when considering the purchase. but its a personal choice for you but hope that helps with how I come to making my mind up.
  11. The £5 prop photo voucher was for any prop shoot that was £5...eg Groot. The voucher clearly said £5 prop shoot voucher.
  12. if its quieter it is more likely but not guaranteed. I always go with the thinking no photos at autograph tables but if turns out there is then its a bonus :)
  13. Pamela chose that lighting... the rest of the shoots were ok. and can you imagine having a 30 min photo shoot schedule then also having everyone at the autos asking for photos too. i think anyone would get a sire head after a while...whereas if its only their scheduled photo shoots least usually split and a short period at a time. so difference there.
  14. hi and I do get that. personally i dont see issue with non posed photo of them signing item but i guess constantly having flashes etc might get to some (most people dont bother turning flashes off) or it can be down to time constraints for busy guests. lots different factors.