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  1. Sad to hear of his passing along with Martin Landau...
  2. Gillian Anderson would be the cherry on the top of the cake of my day..
  3. Awesome weekend loved meeting everyone on my list and a few additions on Sunday. Pele was amazing so was Ming Na Wen & Ian Wright. Nigel Benn had me in stitches when doing a joint photo shoot with Michael Watson, he was telling his son off for having his hands in his pockets. Connor was strugging his shoulders before doing as he was told. So I guess it doesn't matter who you are or how old you are if your dad says don't do something you just don't do it..lol.
  4. Many thanks for info..
  5. I was just wondering is Ken Colley doing a photo shoot as there's nothing in the shop or on the schedule for Saturday
  6. Very sad to hear the passing of my favourite James Bond. I went to an "Evening With Sir Roger Moore" late 2015 and he told us stories about his life in Acting and his time with UNICEF and of course his time as Bond. He said that he had to keep the stories clean as his wife with in the audience(pointing her out to us). He also mentioned his friends with whom he worked with over his movie career who had passed away to that "dreaded disease" as he called it, it was with saddness I heard today he had succumbed to it as well. He left a mark with his films and his tireless work for Children Around the World...R.I.P Sir Roger Moore
  7. Films I've seen this year in the cinema.. 1) Assassin's Creed 3D 2) Live by Night 3) Resident Evil: The Final Chapter 3D 4) Hacksaw Ridge 5) John Wick 2 6) The Great Wall 3D 7) Logan 8) Kong : Skull Island 9) Beauty & The Beast 3D 10) Life 11) Ghost In The Shell 3D 12) Power Rangers 13) Guardians Of the Galaxy Vol 1 3 14) Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol 2 3D x 3 times so far 17) Alien Covenant 18) Colassol The Biggest disappointment by a mile was Alien Covenant worst of the franchise and the surprise of the year so far is Colossal
  8. i totally agree with Ristra summary of the film I wouldn't be surprised if Ridley Scott walks away from directing any future Alien films after this..For me there wasn't anything original, the script was a mess and very predicable especially from the second act till the end..But that's just my opinion..
  9. Gillian Anderson..One day it'll happen..lol
  10. No international 6 nations rugby or football in Cardiff..There's a Pro 12 rugby game at 17.15 other then that Cardiff is a sportsfree zone weekend 4/5th March
  11. I've got my autograph collection insured. I've paid a little extra to have them added it to my house contents insurance. The insurance comapny took an approx value of the whole collection as different pieces are worth different amounts. I've unusual items like below along with autographs from famous people past & present I've collected over the years Mo Farah's signature on a piece of the test track laid at the Olympic Stadium before it was removed and the new track laid down for the Olympics track events. Mine is one of 14 produced. The 2012 GB Olympic gold medal Sprint cycling team signatures on a 2012 medal tray there are only 8 of these ever done. Getting an accurate price is a little difficult without going to an expert to appraise them Vicky maybe worth emailing your parents insurance comapany and seeing if they could help you out..
  12. I prefer autographs but it depends on the actor/actress involved. For the higher priced guests I tend to go for Photo's as getting an autograph on the day could prove a little difficult with popular guests having longer queues. If it's an autograph I really want then I pre-order it through the shop although your paying a little extra at least your able to get one and must times able to get it dedicated as well.
  13. Been a sad day with Richard Hatch, Alan Simpson (writer of Steptoe & Son, Hancock Half Hour) and now Tara Palmer Tomkinson all passing away.
  14. Totally agree terrific guest..we ended chatting about his role as Bester on Babylon 5 which he loved playing
  15. Glad to hear you got Shatner signature afterwards on Friday. I was behind you in the George Takei queue & two behind you in the Walter queue.. Got mine all on Friday as well without any problems, including Marina Sirtis who was the star of the show for me, we chatted about football although I did get a disapproving look when she was signing when I said I was an Arsenal Fan but she was so down to Earth and fun to chat with