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  1. Damn well at least it frees money for Pamela
  2. Any body else thinking they missed the opportunity to do a side of the building style photo, wish I could afford the diamond pass right now think I'll have to stick with risking VQ I am gold so maybe just maybe
  3. My guess is Gwendoline Christy fits in with some people's opinion that it's a last Jedi guest
  4. I'm wondering if I can get a fake hook hand for my photo with Steve the pirate
  5. I'm going to get this signed by Tom Skerritt and Veronica Cartwright even got my self some paint pens to match the colour of th suits
  6. I check every morning and several times a night, these days I pray for guest announcements not for the guests but because I know we then have an increase of chat on here
  7. Closed fist, I thought the same but think I might be to nervous/star struck to ask for that lol
  8. Closed fist, I thought the same but think I might be to nervous/star struck to ask for that lol
  9. I have a right hand of doom for my photo with Ron Perlman can't figure out what pose to try and request, any ideas?
  10. My Dark Crystal Reaction figures will look amazing with another signature added to them, very pleased with this one
  11. That's my gold pass autos sorted, very happy with this one
  12. I try to only get figures or cool looking items to get signed things like Hand of Doom and Reaction Figures as they look so retro
  13. Yea I figured that, I thought maybe will change there mind if I added pretty please lol
  14. Robert Patrick pretty please
  15. richard o'brien - rocky horror and little show called crystal maze Christopher Heyerdahl - Feels like everything! Amanda Tapping - Stargate Sg1 Ian Tracey - again feels like everything Micheal Shanks -Stargate Sg1 Ohh and LANCE HENRIKSEN