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  1. My Dark Crystal Reaction figures will look amazing with another signature added to them, very pleased with this one
  2. That's my gold pass autos sorted, very happy with this one
  3. I try to only get figures or cool looking items to get signed things like Hand of Doom and Reaction Figures as they look so retro
  4. Yea I figured that, I thought maybe will change there mind if I added pretty please lol
  5. Robert Patrick pretty please
  6. richard o'brien - rocky horror and little show called crystal maze Christopher Heyerdahl - Feels like everything! Amanda Tapping - Stargate Sg1 Ian Tracey - again feels like everything Micheal Shanks -Stargate Sg1 Ohh and LANCE HENRIKSEN
  7. Wow great guest
  8. Could it be not another guest but prop or something?
  9. In 2015 I had gold and was in the vent straight away but my friend who just wanted to spend the day with me decided to just get normal she turned up at 10 ish to a giant que road blocking size but was in within 30 mins as it is like everyone says so much smoother, so if you do turn up and see I giant que this year dont be put off it moves very quickly
  10. Sting (Wrestler) Mick Foley Kevin Nash Scott Hall X-Pac (Sean Waltmen) Also second Robert Patrick and Linda Hamilton Ohh and Lance Henriksen lol sorry I keep putting xx
  11. I wish they where more like the agents of shield one
  12. Really want this auto but the amount I have spent already £60 is a lot for me but we will see
  13. Great guest get my super7 figure signed
  14. Christopher Lambert Clancy Brown Lance Henriksen please please please please lol Jon Campling Tim Curry Any one from rocky horror Mick Foley Rob Liefeld
  15. Thanks guys puts my mind very much at ease