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  1. Thanks
  2. Hopefully I'll remember to get him this time. Cool guest
  3. Am assuming it'll only be star trek pics
  4. Will there be pictures at the auto tables to choose from or do you need to bring your own
  5. And there goes my paycheck lol
  6. I think it's to do with the arena staff scanning at Sheffield rather than show masters.
  7. Scotland is a great place to visit, bring your cosplay and have an epic time
  8. Love peter to bits will be great to see him again
  9. Aw no hope to see him back soon
  10. Oh well will have to put him on my list next time he's at a show
  11. Nooooooo I'm way over budget as it is. Cool guest
  12. And in an episode of stargate do I can justify both pic and auto