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  1. If you had read all of this post you would see the reason for not doing separate autographs. It is just not feasible for him personally. It's not an amount of money I'd pay as I'm just not interested. Noah wyle to me is bigger and more worthy. But that's me. But saying that I don't think it's a large amount of money for what you get within. It unfortunate you aren't interested is anything but the autograph! Well I would take the photo op but as silly as it sounds I hate having pictures taken of me, I understand the reasons behind him not doing open autographs, this is not my grievance, I
  2. Sorry but no chance, I find it insulting to be asked to pay £400+ to get an autograph and you have to pay entry on top of this. It's been said I know but I wanted to express my disappointment. I was so excited to learn of him coming to London but I only want an autograph from this legend, shame on you showmasters.
  3. Serenity guests would be nice, not too fussed who as I would love to meet any of them. I think liev schreiber would be an awesome guest as would James spader, oh I think I would worship the ground show masters walk on if they ever announced those two.
  4. Wow, like others I have held off going to a few SM events as there are usually so many people I want to meet at MK, as it stands there is only one I would like to meet. I remember some genuinely big line ups for MK, and let's face it the idea of these events is to bring the public closer to our favourite characters on film and TV, with a couple of exceptions the current line up appeared on our screens for very brief moments, no disrespect to them or SM but I don't see the point. Very gutted.
  5. Thought I would say a big thanks to all the Crew at the Newcastle event, was my first Crew and will not be my last. Can't wait till I get invited to another. Everyone was really nice and welcoming to me. Hope to see you all again soon. Jamie d, Aka bloke with paw prints tattoos :)
  6. I am really amazed there have been no BBT guests, it would be amazing if show masters could fix this, a full BBT con would be awesome.
  7. Ha I had a funny feeling it was you I was chatting too. Did you come on Sunday as well?
  8. Really, we'll we must have crossed paths. I was the guy with the paw print tattoos on my arm.
  9. Really, we must have crossed paths as I was helping out with Danny's virtual que and sat with him a couple of times. :)
  10. Mayim Bialik Kaley Cuoco Eliza Dushku How could you leave out Shelly! Lol. I totally forgot Eliza was in Big Bang! Ah in honesty I would be happy meeting any of the cast.
  11. Big Bang theory guests, pretty please.
  12. It was completely nuts, feel sorry for the people who got turned away though. What team were you working on? I was on A.
  13. Hi all, thanks for a great weekend. Been to loads of events but this was my first crew. Can't wait till my next one. Thank you everyone. Jamie D
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