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Patrick Stewart talk feedback

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Surprised there isn't a thread on here already!


I'm just back from the Patrick Stewart talk, and I've got to say it was worth  EVERY single penny!!! Well done Showmasters for getting Patrick, he was on top form, engaging, funny and the 50 minutes just flew by!!! :D


The biggest bits of news was that when asked about the rest of the TNG crew appearing in the new Picard show, he said something along the lines of "I think that can be arranged" to HUGE cheers, so maybe there's a reunion in the last episode of this season or something is planned for Season 2.

Another big cheer was when he said "we'll be exploring the Borg in greater detail than we have ever before". I know there's been a hint of a Borg Cube in the trailer, but it's good to see they'll feature prominently.


I'm sure other people will chime in with their highlights, but it was well worth making the journey in all the rain today to be there ^_^


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