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Today's opening was a very relaxing one, Queued up in the main hall and once it opened I was in within minutes, Lots of room in the hall.. in fact not much being sold on stalls. I'm sure there was a lot less this year? Photo A and B are across from each other and bit of a short walk...  Autographs buying the 8 x 10 is a bit of a mad rush everyone is there and reminds me of a jumble sale... Get in quick and get out of there.. Guests are spaced out and very easy to find, Watch out for the small signs saying No Photos, Oops I got told off (Bad Camel, should of known better) By 4 pm it was almost open for everyone.. Expect tomorrow will be different. 

Photo Shoots, again were excellent. Top Photographers and photos were very good. I have Noticed in Photo A when you collect your photo you have a Star Trek Logo at the bottom making the photo that little bit more special. 

Tanya Lemani was dressed up in her Belly Dancer outfit which was a nice extra surprise and April Tatro wore a Cat suit. If these ladies are not on your list then add them both very lovely ladies. 

J. G Hertler was really good chatting and singing doing different poses, Really funny Guy. 

Well had a good first day.. Will post some photos soon. 

Live Long and Prosper and Be good to Camels ;)

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We had an excellent day. The hall was great. It didn’t feel crowded at all.

We loved the props section and the classic bridge setup. We made some funny photos there.

The guests were great, especially J.G. Hertzler asking everyone in the queue where they were from.
This was during the unfortunate laptop malfunction. 

The Patrick Stewart talk was wonderful. His stories were great to hear. His presence at DST made the experience complete.

Our first DST experience was a good one.

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I missed out on a couple of guests (the perils of a single day and needing to get a coach back home in the middle of the afternoon) and I'm sadly cursed to always have a couple of autographs go horribly wrong, but overall, great success.

Patrick Stewart's talk was wonderful (Patrick: "I introduced America to double teabagging!" Shocked young woman next to me: "I'm sorry, what?!"), and I hope he is able to return after the release of the show, like he mentioned. Loved hearing how Picard would have sounded with a French accent.

I particularly enjoyed chatting to Brent Spiner, Sonita Henry, and Michael Ensign. I generally don't expect more than a couple of seconds with guests due to the nature and requirements of the event, but managed to have nice little exchanges with them all (I sometimes think bringing something that relates to other work they've done helps with this - I'm still buzzing over how pleased Jason Isaacs was to see a copy of Black Hawk Down last year). 

Side note: I think Wilson Cruz would be the most fun on a night out. That guy's boisterous as hell and he really made me laugh

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I said it last year, but say it again this year. Selling tickets through Eventbrite is awesome.  On the train on the way to the NEC, I booked two photoshoots for the same day on my phone.  I don't do things last minute but wasn't sure when I was arriving.  

HINT: If buying photoshoot tickets on your phone, make sure you are at a station as signal is sketchy in between stops.

Back on topic...Sunday was a breeze.  Photoshoots with George Takei, Anson Mount, Ethan Peck and Alice Eve.  All went on time.



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