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London Comic Mart Dates - 2020


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The dates for the London Comic Mart in 2020 have now been announced:


21st June    (was cancelled)

16th August    (now cancelled)

4th October

6th December

22nd March and 17th May were also cancelled, due to the pandemic.

As usual, admission to these events at the Royal National Hotel is free from noon - "Early Bird Entry" from eleven o'clock costs £5, if you want to snap up some swift bargains... though not every table may be fully open for business then. You may want to check the http://londoncomicmart.co.uk website for any last-minute updates, or further details. The Royal National Hotel is within easy walking distance of Russell Square underground station, and not all that far from Euston and King's Cross main line stations, come to that. The official closing time is 4:00pm, or when the dealers run out of stuff to sell.  We'll continue to have our Funko Pop friends alongside us, and of course it's a great opportunity to pick up some hard-to-find dvds, blu-rays, and books at bargain prices too...

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4 hours ago, Andrew713 said:

I assume the Sunday 16th event is on - what with the storm Dennis about to strike on Saturday / Sunday. Hope if there is any change, please put the information on the front of the site - not everyone checks the forum for any updates. 

I haven't heard anything to the contrary.

In fact for the Comic Marts the site usually gets the updates before the forum.

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Posted today by Showmasters on Facebook:


The next London Comic Mart will be held on Sunday 22nd March 2020.  There are no plans to cancel this event at this time and we are nearly fully booked so it will once again be a great event.

We are going to provide a place that you can clean your hands at the venue and we ask anyone that is feeling unwell does not attend and we all look out for the health of each other. The government option at this time is that events of this size of 500 or less hold little risk, it’s no different than going to a shopping center so this event will go ahead as planned, unless the rules change, and as long as the government feels its safe.

Thank you for reading this and stay safe, take care and we will see you there.


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Thank you for confirming the event is on - I must admit, I always end up cleaning my hands repeatedly during the comic mart via the toilets upstairs (as well as the other toilets in the National). Additional resources will always be welcome !

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Yes, today's official forum post, also on Facebook, confirms this weekend's event is still scheduled to take place - just don't go along if you have a cough, a high temperature, muscle pains, or are old enough for the government to be advising self-isolation. Travelling by London Underground shouldn't be a problem, as the carriages are likely to be far less crowded than usual, and if you plan to drive in, the chances are that there will be more parking spaces empty than usual.

Time to stock up on some good vintage (or new) reading, to keep us going for a while!

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